Olivia's 18 Month Checkup + Target Thursdaye

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Miss Livey had her 18 month old check up yesterday and a re-check for her 5th ear infection. I've never mentioned this on here but sh'e on the borderline for getting tubes put in her little ears. They're basically waiting until the 6th ear infection to come around. She has had a little bit of a runny nose for the past week and normally right when she gets a cold it turns into an ear infection. So I was so incredibly nervous going into her checkup! But Thank You Jesus, it's just a little cold and her ears look GREAT!!! 

She is weighing a whopping 28 pounds ( 99% for her age), Head circumference is 97% and her height is a little over the 100% !!! (She wears between 2T and 3T clothes. This is not surprising to me as both of my babies have been big babies from the day they were born...much like my husband's family. 

No but seriously, they are like super size children hahah. Everyone thinks they are wayyyy older than what they really are! 

She had to have her finger pricked for her hemoglobin check and to all of our surprise, she didnt even move. I thought she was going to FREAK OUT, like she normally does about shots and pretty much anything else she doesnt like or get her way! (This girl has personality)

Last night I went on a late night Target run for diapers and a few necesities, SOLO!! I love my two sidekicks but it's nice to be able to browse without saying "sit down" 50 times in the span of 20 minutes were in there.

I got lots of yummy pumpkin flavored items! I'm really trying to make the most of this hot weather. okay, im done complaining about the heat. Anyways, I found these babies...

HOORAY!!! I had no idea Pumpkin spice Little Bites existed! If you love Pumpkin flavored foods i would make my way over to Target and pick some up! They are soooo delish with my morning coffee! Don't get me wrong...I love making homemade things but when you're having a crazy week (like this week, for example) these are nothing short of perfection! 

Of course, a target run cannot be a Target run without a quick run through the dollar aisle. They had just put all of their fall items out... I found all of these great fall craft things for the kids. They have all sorts of great fall foamy stickers, which Gus and Olivia LOVE! They love peeling the backs off the stickers and sticking them on paper! We make it a learning experience and review colors while we do foamy stickers!

And then of course, I ran into Sofia the First and Cars paint sets! So I just had to grab them up. Paining is another favorite over here. The best part is that this paint just wipes right off of any hard surface. I think I have wiped down their white wooden children's table more times than I can count and the paint comes off every. single. time!

 (They would both rather use their fingers than the paintbrush)

We will be traveling to Atlanta this weekend so I also found these Sesame Street notepads that come with a magic ink marker...umm hello! these are great for the car ride and they wont stain anything!! I should have grabbed a few more of these just to keep in my purse for dr appointment or church entertainment.

Gus has grandparents day Friday at his school, which is going to be the cutest thing ever! My parents fly in tomorrow night for the weekend!!! I'm so excited to spend a couple days with them even though we will see them next week back in Atlanta!

Gus is their oldest grandchild, so they are so excited to be able to enjoy some time with him at his school!


  1. haha my fiance picked out these little bites last night as well. didn't know they existed!!

  2. yay about the ears looking great! I was just checking out the Target fall stuff the other day. All looked so good.

  3. The dollar aisle at Target gets me every time!! And those muffins look delish!!! I'm a sucker for mini muffins :)

  4. I will have to keep stalking my Target's dollar section looking for those crafts! I'm loving all the fall/Halloween dollar items out!


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