Celebrating Moms // 15 things I Love about Motherhood

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

(There is something I love about this picture...I know my eyes are closed and Olivia isn't looking at the camera but there's just something about it...I think it's Gus's face and the way he has his arm around me ;)

This week I am celebrating motherhood over here!! This week it's all about us, moms! 

Yes, motherhood is tough. I won't deny it. It is one of the hardest thing, in my opinion a woman has to do. It brings so much joy yet so many tears all at the same time. It's almost something that words can't explain. 

I have put a little list together of 
15 things I absolutley {love} about motherhood
Here we go...

1. You will have someone to love you unconditionally for the rest of your life. There is nothing like a child's love for his mother and a mother's love for her child.

2. You will laugh and cry all in the same sentence. 

3. There will never be a dull moment. ever. 

4. Every time you look at your child, you think they are more beautiful than the moment before. 

5. There is no greater feeling of satisfaction and happiness than the one where your baby or child looks at you with a smile on his face or giggles at you. 

6. You will never be alone. You will always have a companion, even in the bathroom. I promise

7. You will always have someone to love unconditionally. No. matter. what. 

8. The bond you have with each of your children. Only YOU have that special bond with them. 

9. You learn what is really important in life. Pick your battles.

10. You really learn a lot about yourself, as you see your children growing. I always hear Gus reprimanding Olivia, just how I reprimand him. It's like I always have an echo. You start to see yourself in your children's actions and mannerisms. 

11. Cuddles. They are never-ending!

12. It's so rewarding! It's the best feeling when you hand your child something and he replies "Thank You, Mommy!". I love that!

13. No day is ever the exact same as the day before!

14. Random hugs and smooches! and "I wove you's"

15. The bond you have with other mothers! You develop a 6th sense that only another mother can understand it. It's really truly amazing and a beautiful thing!

What do you love about motherhood?


  1. Awe! I love this!! All of those moments are truly the best and so heartwarming!!

  2. Mummy says you're right! She loves being a mummy to four - me being the youngest :) x

  3. Aww so sweet!! So true! love it. They teach you just as much as you teach them, it is an amazing experience =)


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