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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Last week I was feeling crafty and put together a little ribbon garland for the wall that Olivia's crib is on. That wall was bare. There was nothing on it so I figured I would spruce it up a little.

 I like to buy ribbon at a wholesale supply and they sell it by the spool which is 25 yards. So you NEVER run out :). (And it's much more cost effective) I happened  to have the colors of her bedding and decor so I got busy!

4 or 5 different colors/prints of ribbon or strips of fabric 
(you could use different widths, mix fabric and ribbon prints to make it more interesting)
Pins to attach to the wall
measuring tape or ruler


I used a thick white ribbon, hot pink, light pink with white polka-dots, and lime green. 

I measured out how long I wanted the garland to be and then added a little length to each side and cut my main piece of ribbon that size.

Figure out how long you want the garland to fall and then double it. That is how long you are going to cut your pieces of ribbon in each color or print. Cut a good amount out. I would cut a few a time and as I would run out, I cut more. 

I taped the main of ribbon, close to the edge of my kitchen table. You could also use your kitchen counter.

Start tieing the strips of ribbon to the long main piece. Slip the strip underneath the main piece until it is about half way through and tie with a double knot facing down. Create a pattern with the colors, prints or textures you chose. Do this for the rest of the ribbon strips and cut more out, as needed. 

When you are done, hang with the pins on your wall!

Let me know if you have any questions!!

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