{Five on FRIDAY}

Friday, January 24, 2014

Thank God it's FRIDAY!!! I'm so excited it's the weekend and I'm looking forward to relaxing with the hubs and my little ones although we have a pretty packed weekend! I'm linking up with Darci and the girls today for a fun link up called FIVE on FRIDAY!

{one} We took our little Livey to pediatrician for her follow-up visit after her diagnosis with broncolitis, a viral rash and double ear infection and she was looking great! She wasn't wheezing, the rash was gone and the ears were looking great! That poor little thing was so miserable last week. 

{two} We are taking some family pictures this weekend yayyyy! We haven't taken a good family picture since before Olivia was born. I will admit, I am a tad bit nervous...the last time we took pictures of the two kids it was a little bit of a disaster haha. We took them to a studio and as you can see in the picture below neither one of them is smiling.  I'm hopeful though that this time it will go a little bit better!

{three} I finally got the two little ones back into their normal sleep schedule! With the holidays,the traveling and family commitments they wayyyyyy out of their routine and honestly this full-time stay at home momma needs that time after 7:30pm to just have some down time. Little Gus was the hardest to put back into his routine. He is still falling asleep in our bed instead of his. But as long as he falls asleep alone and at his normal time im good. One thing I have learned, being a mom is that you have to pick your battles!

{four} I love seeing my husband happy! He is so happy at his new job! He is a Realtor and recently switched over to a new brokerage. I am so thankful that he is happy with what he is doing!

{five} I am in the lookout for some semi "real shoes" for Olivia now that shes's starting to stand up on her own. I am looking for a shoe that's acctually good for warm weather. I have fallen in love with these Minnie mouse ones from Stride Rite but am  really looking for something that is versatile and will go with everything. 

I really like these because they are crawlers too. I like the price even more right now but of course, with my luck they don't have her size! 

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I love your family picture, they are precious!



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