Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Monday!! We are slowly adjusting again to this summer rainy weather we've been having lately, here in South Florida. Now hold on to your mom jeans because our weekend sure was crazy...

Saturday morning I escaped for much needed "me" time. Solo retail therapy always does the trick. I got these two pieces. They were both steals, I just couldn't pass up. Very pleased. 

And now I have to brag a little...I came home to find Gus had taken the kiddos to the park, fed them lunch and were ready for nap time!! Brownie points for the hubby!! He'e a keeper ;) 

Later, we joined some friends for some Pizza Making at Brio! Kidgits at the Simon Malls always have great events for the kids! be sure to check them out! 

We did some carousel riding, ice cream eating and of course, a quick visit at the American Girl store which ended in the temper tantrum of the century(on Olivia's end) over the Bitty Baby Double stroller. Yep, we were THAT family with the screaming child. 

Then, Sunday was a  day of relaxing. The boys went and got us donuts for breakfast. We did a little organizing. A lot of movie watching and excessive amounts of coffee drinking ( for Gus and I) and donut eating. (there goes the low carb diet I'm supposed to be on). 

I did some grocery Shopping and that was about it. 

Told ya it was crazy ;) 

Hope you had a great weekend too!! 



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  1. Love those sunglasses on you! Were those loft as well?


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