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Friday, June 12, 2015

Well y'all it's the first Friday of Summer break and this momma has officially survived! I've put a little routine together for us with some fun summer activities that some local places are hosting this Summer so hopefully it will be enough to get by. 

I would say we had a pretty successful week together!

I am linking up again with Andrea for her weekly Friday Favorites link-up. Here are a few things I am loving this week. 

ONE. This week I was on a healthy kick...started eating healtheir for the 15th time. I pulled together this salad for lunch on Monday and every other day this week I have had a different variation of the same salad. im hooked. I posted the recipe here just in case you missed it ;)

TWO. I started using using this oatmeal face scrub this week. it's amazing. and the best part is that it is homemade with all natural/ organic products. no chemicals. it leaves my skin feeling amazing. she is local here in South Florida but you can find it here

THREE. This week we took advantage of a deal, one of our local movie theaters is having for Summer...$1 movies. Of course, they're movies that have been out for awhile but it's a reason to get out of the house for a couple hours and they're on a giant screen. I figured we wouldn't have a lot to loose if we slowly started trying to go, so they could get used to it. so we went. we lasted about an hour. but hey we got out of the house. Hoping next week we will last a little longer. 

(Olivia looks sooo big in this picture--they look like they could be twins)

FOUR. Neon. I am on a neon kick. obsessed with color. I wore this one day this week. too much neon? 

FIVE. I braved Old Navy yesterday with G & O and I could say it was pretty successful. they behaved soooo well. I went prepared with plenty of snacks and our tablet with movies, as last resort but I didn't even have to use it. and I came across this light, airy shirt dress. win win. Gus requested royal blue flip flops so we grabbed them ;) 

Happy Weekend!! 



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