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Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Friday and Seriously TGIF!!!! The weekend is here!! And we survived another week of summer vacation!

We had a pretty fantastic week filled with lots and lots of fun! Hope you did as well. 

Linking up once again with Andrea and the girls for Friday Favorites!

ONE. If you missed my Summer whites, style post you can find it here
along with a few embarrassing pictures of me posing ;). Just kidding I had such a blast taking those photos!! You'll be seeing more mommy style posts around here. 

TWO. We switched up our routine this week and momma got some time to herself and was able to go on a Father's Day shopping trip solo--Thanks to my fabulous sister in law ;). Then we stayed and went swimming for a little bit and caught some rays.

THREE. Speaking of Father's Day, I posted a last minute mini Father's Day gift guide here...Links are provided!!

FOUR.  Gus and I will be married 4 years next week!! Talking about time flying... Time does fly when you're busy with a little family!! 

FIVE.  I am sooo excited about what I got Gus for Father's Day!!! It came in the mail yesterday and I am so pleased with the way it turned out! I would share it on here except for that he reads this little space of mine sooooo if you really want to know keep a look out for my Instagram on Sunday!! ;) 

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

And Happy Father's Day to all of those special Daddies in your life!!



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  1. Love that pic of you and your husband. Happy Anniversary in advance!! Also, isn't time alone precious :-)


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