monday, you came too soon. || our anniversary getaway

Monday, June 29, 2015

Ready and recharged? yeah right. that's what we had hoped to be this morning, after our weekend away but definitely not. Reality hit us pretty hard. We have a serious case of Monday over here. 

Gus and I did have a great time in Hutchinson Island, this weekend though. We slept and laid by the pool and ate. And that's about it. It was fantastic. If you're in Florida and looking for somewhere quiet for the weekend to getaway, I highly recommend Hutchinson Island. 

Also--the humidity was nowhere near as bad as it is in Miami so I was blessed with a few good hair days!! ;) 

This was the view from our balcony. 

I think I also gained like 10 pounds, well not really but it sure does feel like it. 

Friday, we arrived, checked in at our hotel, grabbed a cocktail and headed straight for the beach. Sure enough we didn't last very long before it started raining. So we hung out at the teeny tiny Tiki Bar for a little bit right by the beach. 

Then we went back to our room got ready for dinner and headed to historic Stuart. This little town is the cutest. It's complete with restaurants--casual and a little nicer, ice cream parlors, shops, chocolate shops, etc. 

I wore this to dinner. This is my favorite maxi that I own. You can't go wrong with Neon, lace and embroidery. The perfect combo. 

I had read about a restaurant called The Gafford --- We saw from the outside it was packed so we figured if it's hoppin it HAS to be good. We got there right as happy hour was ending so we snuck a few drinks in our tab ;) 

And the food was amazing!!!

Saturday, we woke up went and got breakfast at a little cafe right by our hotel called Josephine's which was also fantastic. I had a Guacamole Bruschetta 

And Gus had the crab eggs Benedict. 

I wore this sweet little Lilly number...

We hung out by the pool all day (I was finally able to start reading Where'd you go Bernadette--I'm loving it so far)  and

 then went upstairs and got ready for dinner and explored downtown Stuart a little more. 

I am kind of loving this hat---I can wear it with everything. It's been on repeat the last few weeks. 

We ended up at this little family owned pizza place(of course! because Gus can't go a whole weekend without eating pizza ;), of which I can't think of the name but it was amazing!!

Sunday, we woke up and checked out of the hotel and headed back to Josephine's for breakfast. I had a delicious crepe and Gus had a Croque Madame. I didn't take any pictures of the food---fail. 

But I did manage to take a no-makeup selfie of my outfit and then we headed back home to see our babies!!! 

The kids had a blast with my mom, who volunteered to come stay with them so we could get away for  a couple days! I am grateful for her!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!



4 years.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Today, marks the day Gus and I got married, 4 years ago. 

It's been four years of marital bliss. Four years of him putting up with me and me putting up with him(the good, the bad, the ugly). Four years of loving each other unconditionally. Rain or shine. Rich or poor, in sickness or in health. Yes, those were the vows we took and yes, I think we lived them. 

 He is everything I am not. He is my other half, the love of my life and my partner I do life with. 

I love this life that we have made together. Our schedule. Our routine. Our small home that we have built together with our two little ones. 

We have not been away, just the two of us for about three and a half years. And that time we did go, it was for a wedding so we were surrounded with friends the whole time.
 This year to celebrate our anniversary we decided to book a weekend getaway just us. To unwind, relax, and recharge.  Since you know, alone time is precious and scarce after you have babies and still very important in a marriage. 

We are sooooo excited!!!

I guess the point I am trying to get across is that it's been a bittersweet four years with this guy and I can't wait to see what life has in store for us!! 



Style || A Pop of Neon

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Today, I am sharing a bright outfit I put together for fun summer nights or even for a brunch date. I love color and I have said it a million times on here. 

Mixing and Matching colors within one outfit is one of faves. You really don't ALWAYS have to match color with a neutral. The possibilities with mixing neon with other brights and pastels are endless! 

The top is a LOFT find, here. The shorts were a Marshall's find a couple months ago. The jelly flats are Jcrew (last season). I have them in coral as well and love them! The clutch is Steve Madden (last season).

On another note...

I have an ANNOUNCEMENT....

(drum roll please)

 I've been working on a little something the past month...And now that everything is complete I can officially say that I am a Side by Style Personal Stylist!! I am pinching myself right now!

I am offering personal shopping/styling services through Side by Style. Whether you're local or across the country I can help ;) You can check out my profile here!!

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help people feel their personal best and finding their style--Whatever it may be! 



Photo Credit: Aragon Photography 


Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend celebrating all of the special daddies in your life!! 

Our weekend was low key-- a lot of family time. 

Friday we stayed home--Gus and I opened a bottle of wine and watched a movie. typical. 

Saturday, I woke up to Gus making breakfast for us which was a treat ;). He is seriously the best. He had gotten up early and brought the kids downstairs so I could get an extra hour of sleep!! 

In the afternoon we headed down to the bounce house place--every adults worst nightmare but hey it wears the kids out and they have a blast. I failed to take any pictures but I did manage to take a shameless selfie while I was waiting for the kids to wake up from naptime. 

Sunday, we celebrated the daddies all day!! We headed to my IN-laws for breakfast. The hubs requested a family car selfie ;) 

That turned into a swim and then a day long hang out sesh. But we always have a good time with them! I am so glad we have at least one set of grandparents local for the kids--since my parents are in Atlanta. 

My in-laws live right on the bay so the view from the pool is spectacular! 

And that was our weekend! We are all exhausted over here though! Hoping for an extra lazy day! 



Friday Favorites

Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Friday and Seriously TGIF!!!! The weekend is here!! And we survived another week of summer vacation!

We had a pretty fantastic week filled with lots and lots of fun! Hope you did as well. 

Linking up once again with Andrea and the girls for Friday Favorites!

ONE. If you missed my Summer whites, style post you can find it here
along with a few embarrassing pictures of me posing ;). Just kidding I had such a blast taking those photos!! You'll be seeing more mommy style posts around here. 

TWO. We switched up our routine this week and momma got some time to herself and was able to go on a Father's Day shopping trip solo--Thanks to my fabulous sister in law ;). Then we stayed and went swimming for a little bit and caught some rays.

THREE. Speaking of Father's Day, I posted a last minute mini Father's Day gift guide here...Links are provided!!

FOUR.  Gus and I will be married 4 years next week!! Talking about time flying... Time does fly when you're busy with a little family!! 

FIVE.  I am sooo excited about what I got Gus for Father's Day!!! It came in the mail yesterday and I am so pleased with the way it turned out! I would share it on here except for that he reads this little space of mine sooooo if you really want to know keep a look out for my Instagram on Sunday!! ;) 

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

And Happy Father's Day to all of those special Daddies in your life!!



Gift Guide || Father's Day 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So I was a total "type A" planner when it came to gift giving but lately it's been placed on the back burner. Not good. 

 Just in case you still haven't found the perfect gift for the dads in your life I put together a last minute gift guide for all of you procrastinators out there ;), as I was browsing ideas for the daddies on my shopping list! 

And Everything here is under $50-- not too shabby huh? 

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 

1 - Original Whiskey Ball Ice Molds : I think these ice mold are sooo cool for a whiskey drinker. Actually they would probably be really neat for any cocktail! 

2 - Nike Dri-Fit Tees : Gus LOVES these Nike Dri-fit tees!! And right now they are 25% off at Nordstrom. I'm thinking it's time to stock up. I especially love the neon ;) 

3 - Kiel's Shaving Kit: This Kiel's Shaving kit is perfect for a traveler!! I love Kiel's products for men!!

4 - Seersucker Swim Trunks : Oh JCrew Factory I love you and your seersucker swim trunks. the end. 

5 - Lobster Magic Wallet : Let's talk about this magic wallet, shall we? Gus has had several of these. He loves them! Like really loves them! He thinks they are the coolest thing ever. And somehow I have managed to wash every one of these wallets that he has had. whoops (except for the current one). So yeah it's a pretty cool little gift add on for less than $10. 

6 -Gingham Shirt : Jcrew has the best lightweight button ups for the summertime. Gus is such a fan of all of Jcrew's lightweight summer pieces-- mainly because it is summer here in Miami pretty much all year. and the gingham print is just perfect. You can't go wrong with it! 

Hope you found this helpful!



Style || Summer Whites

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I love clothes and style. I am going to start incorporating style posts into my sweet little blog for a little variety. Saying I am really excited about this opportunity to share with all of you more of my personal style, is an understatement. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do!

I love white. And I love white on white even more. Living in Miami, one can wear white pretty much year round. Which is sooooo fantastic! I'm going to consider that a pro! 

I mostly only wear it when I don't have the kiddos with me--typically only date nights or solo shopping escapes. But if I could I would probably wear white pants everyday of the week! 

Leopard is such a neutral to me. And can be used year round! 

The kiddos and I are off to the movies today--hopefully we last a little longer than we did last week! 

 Hope you're having a fantastic week so far!! 



photo credit: Aragon Photography 

Friday Faves

Friday, June 12, 2015

Well y'all it's the first Friday of Summer break and this momma has officially survived! I've put a little routine together for us with some fun summer activities that some local places are hosting this Summer so hopefully it will be enough to get by. 

I would say we had a pretty successful week together!

I am linking up again with Andrea for her weekly Friday Favorites link-up. Here are a few things I am loving this week. 

ONE. This week I was on a healthy kick...started eating healtheir for the 15th time. I pulled together this salad for lunch on Monday and every other day this week I have had a different variation of the same salad. im hooked. I posted the recipe here just in case you missed it ;)

TWO. I started using using this oatmeal face scrub this week. it's amazing. and the best part is that it is homemade with all natural/ organic products. no chemicals. it leaves my skin feeling amazing. she is local here in South Florida but you can find it here

THREE. This week we took advantage of a deal, one of our local movie theaters is having for Summer...$1 movies. Of course, they're movies that have been out for awhile but it's a reason to get out of the house for a couple hours and they're on a giant screen. I figured we wouldn't have a lot to loose if we slowly started trying to go, so they could get used to it. so we went. we lasted about an hour. but hey we got out of the house. Hoping next week we will last a little longer. 

(Olivia looks sooo big in this picture--they look like they could be twins)

FOUR. Neon. I am on a neon kick. obsessed with color. I wore this one day this week. too much neon? 

FIVE. I braved Old Navy yesterday with G & O and I could say it was pretty successful. they behaved soooo well. I went prepared with plenty of snacks and our tablet with movies, as last resort but I didn't even have to use it. and I came across this light, airy shirt dress. win win. Gus requested royal blue flip flops so we grabbed them ;) 

Happy Weekend!! 



5 min.Prep Southwest Salad

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I have been trying to eat healthier, as I have come to realize I am in a mid twenties body crisis. (aka time to head to the gym) My body was in a teeny bopper stage (or at least I would like to think so)  for a couple years after giving birth but yeah. Things are changing. It may have a lot to do with the fact I am just as satisfied eating my toddler's leftover lunch of dino chicken nuggets or mac and cheese to save time and effort. or just flat out being lazy. 

I have also been trying to make an effort to buy less canned goods. Too many chemicals. 

Yesterday, for lunch I whipped up this quick Southwest Salad. I had made fresh black beans a couple days ago-- btw these are awesome to have cooked in your fridge and make a quick side addition to any meal or side addition. They have high nutritional values. 

Southwest Salad


Fresh Spinach 
1/4 of a whole tomato (diced)
1/2 of an Avocado 
1/3 cup of black beans
Shredded Cheese (Taco Style)

Makes 1 salad. 

Make sure you rinse all of your veggies. Cut the avocado into squares. Cut the tomato into squares. Serve enough spinach to where it covers the plate you are using. (A generous portion) Then just place all the toppings over the spinach. And Vuala. 

You can also add a piece of grilled Salmon or Chicken over the top of the salad for some extra protein. 

Bon Apetite. 




Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Monday!! We are slowly adjusting again to this summer rainy weather we've been having lately, here in South Florida. Now hold on to your mom jeans because our weekend sure was crazy...

Saturday morning I escaped for much needed "me" time. Solo retail therapy always does the trick. I got these two pieces. They were both steals, I just couldn't pass up. Very pleased. 

And now I have to brag a little...I came home to find Gus had taken the kiddos to the park, fed them lunch and were ready for nap time!! Brownie points for the hubby!! He'e a keeper ;) 

Later, we joined some friends for some Pizza Making at Brio! Kidgits at the Simon Malls always have great events for the kids! be sure to check them out! 

We did some carousel riding, ice cream eating and of course, a quick visit at the American Girl store which ended in the temper tantrum of the century(on Olivia's end) over the Bitty Baby Double stroller. Yep, we were THAT family with the screaming child. 

Then, Sunday was a  day of relaxing. The boys went and got us donuts for breakfast. We did a little organizing. A lot of movie watching and excessive amounts of coffee drinking ( for Gus and I) and donut eating. (there goes the low carb diet I'm supposed to be on). 

I did some grocery Shopping and that was about it. 

Told ya it was crazy ;) 

Hope you had a great weekend too!! 


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