Motherhood Failure//Mommy to the Rescue

Thursday, June 12, 2014

So this week kicked off to a rocky start. We got back from Atlanta Sunday. So I've been trying to get Gus and Olivia back into their normal schedules--meal times, nap times, bed times, etc. and myself for that matter. After a week of not having to do much around the house, it's rough to come back to house chores.

Monday and Tuesday were rough. Gus threw multiple tantrums about just about anything-- He didnt nap either one of the days--you get the picture. It's never a good thing when a nap time doesn't happen. He is not himself, we all get in a bad mood. It's not pretty. And mommy is not pretty. Mommy needs nap time. That is my "me" time to do whatever it is that I cant do when they are awake.We were all glad when we saw daddy walk in through the door those two days. 

Then yesterday, started off great! Olivia slept in until about 9--which never happens. she's usually up at about 7:30 am. They both didn't really have lunch--which was fine. They're both still recuperating from sickies. Since Olivia woke up late, she skipped her morning nap which is usually about 2 hours after she wakes up in the morning. I put them both down to nap after lunch time. Olivia slept for a couple hours and Gus slept for almost 4 hours!! Let's just say that was exactly what I needed after a rough 2 days back. 

I gave my floors a good cleaning, organized our bedroom, cleaned out my closet, put make-up on, did my hair, answered some emails, it was successful! I was feeling great!! 

Olivia woke up brought her down, we snacked and played and Gus woke up. I went upstairs later and realized I hadn't changed either one of their diapers. (I am on my last day of antibiotics so I have not re-gained my sense of smell or taste yet) I grabbed Olivia first I opened up her diaper and poor thing, had had a poopy diaper I think since she had woken up from her nap and I had no idea because I can't smell anything. I am so used to just smelling that I didn't even bother to check her diaper. yeah....great! mom of the year, over here. So naturally I start cleaning her up and she starts screaming because it hurt her so bad. I felt awful. 

Then I put her down, and Gus had opened their bathroom door and I hadn't seen it. So I'm changing Gus and she prances right into the bathroom. I turn around and she had dumped just about all of their bath stuff in the toilet---their shampoo, body wash, toys. Great!

As I am taking everything out my mom calls. So i'm talking to her for a little bit in the kids room and all of the sudden I hear, "MOM", I poke my head out to see what's wrong and I can hear Gus' little voice behind my shut bedroom door. I go up to the door and try to open it and it's locked. I frantically hang up with my mother and call my husband because in this little rental we don't have those long pointy keys for the doors inside of their house like most people do. 

At this point Gus is crying because he's frustrated he can't get the  door open. So I tell my husband I can't get the door open and he says he had a skinny screwdriver in his tool box but his tool box is in his car, with him. great. so he's like you know what just screw it, tell Gus to move away from the door and knock the door down. We'll fix it later. My reaction was literally, "ummmm are you crazy?!?!" I weigh 110 pounds. This little person can't knock the door down." If you know me in person, I'm pretty small. Then he proceeds to say, "you can do it, honey! you have all your body weight!" Yeah okay whatever youre crazy. ill figure it out.

All of our wire hangers are in our room. The kids only have plastic hangers. here I am frantically running around the house looking for something long and skinny to unlock the door with Olivia on my hip while Gus is screaming and crying upstairs "mom help me!! mom help me!!" finally i found another skinny screwdriver in our junk drawer--thank God for junk drawers!! For all of you neat freaks that  hate junk our junk drawer saved me!! hahah. I was able to jamm the screwdriver in the little hole in the doorknob and get the door OPEN!!! 

The poor little thing lit up when he saw and gave me a HUGE hug!! and said, "MOM you help me!!" Then we had chocolate chip cookies to celebrate we didn't have to call 911 to get him out hahaha because I was honestly just about to!!

So that was my crazy day!!
Hope you're having a good one!!


  1. ugh my gosh, so stressful to have a kid locked in a room! A skewer might work if you have those. I somehow locked myself out of our bathroom years ago and I used a skewer to open the silly thing. Hooray for junk drawers! And, hooray for loooong needed naps and chocolate chip cookies!

  2. Oh how scary!!! I'm sure those minutes felt like hours!

  3. Thank God for junk drawers!!! That sounds so scary, but I'm glad everything is ok!!


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