Olivia's Fabulous First Birthday Brunch

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I was a little MIA last week due to Olivia's birthday taking over my life haha! Well on top of planning a birthday party I had family coming in town and regular day to day life with two little ones so blogging had to temporarily be put on hold! 

Olivia's birthday party was such a success I am so pleased with how everything turned out. Between having my parents in town and Olivia's birthday we are so exhausted...still trying to recuperate from all of the festivities! 

We had originally planned to have just a small get together here at our home but from one day to the next it sort of spun out of control and before we knew it we had 30+ people coming so my sister-in-law so generously offered for us to host Olivia's Fabulous First Birthday Brunch at her house. She saved us with this because there is no way we would have fit in our apartment. I am so thankful for family! 

I had found this idea of decorating wine glasses with glitter on Pinterest so instead of wine glasses I used Champagne flutes! I went up to Ikea and bought some champagne flutes because you don't want to ruin some nice ones, which were very cost effective and glittered away! I think I paid like $4.79 for a box of six flutes. Perfect! 

While I was glittering away I thought it would be cute to put a strip of glitter on the bottom of some clear plastic cups for guests to drink out of as well. the modge podge and glitter I bought went a long way! I also used the small cups for the Strawberry glitter Parfaits and the fruit loops!

I rented hot pink tablecloths and I found this pretty white and gold striped wrapping paper at Target. If you're a target regular, I'm sure you've seen it! Anyways I used it as table runners over the hot pink table cloths and I used it to wrap some cardboard boxes to give some dimension and height to the main table. The straws I found at Michaels and Target!

The centerpieces I whipped up in two seconds...I bought the tissue decorating balls at Party city, opened them up and hot glued them to some glass vases my sister-in-law had and BAM...I got some quick and easy centerpieces!

I made some tassel garland out of tissue paper in gold light pink and hot pink and strung them around Olivia's high chair and on the pool fence right by the table outside!


Crossants with Strawberry Jelly
Maple Bacon
Mini Arepas 
(Traditional Venezuelan Dish)
Strawberry Yogurt Parfaits
Red Fruit Loops
Cake Pops
Strawberries and Cream
Pink Frosted and Sprinkle Donuts
Mini-Powdered Donuts
Mimosas (for the adults)
Juice boxes (for the kids)

Ham and Egg Cups

The Link is above on where I found this recipe!I wish I could say it's one of my own because it's so simple and soooo yummy! These were a hit!

The cake pops were made by Sweets by Dee and they were excellent! If you are in the Miami Area and would like her info shoot me an email!

This was Olivia's fabulous cake! 

I tried to incorporate pink breakfast foods as much as I could...Obviously the main dishes I couldn't really make pink haha. 

I made this little "1" sign out of the same wrapping paper and some leftover scrap-booking paper I had from her baptism. 

Here we are! My little family of four!
Happy Birthday my sweet Olivia!!

These two are too much!

Gus and Olivia having some daddy daughter time!
The sweetest!

I hope you're having a wonderful week so far!
Happy Hostess


  1. Thank you so much for letting us (Dory and I) be part of Olivia's special day :) I loveeeedddd the Ham and Egg cups! You are amazing Elda! Can't wait for little Gus to turn 3! haha

  2. Such a cute party I love the pink and gold. What an awesome menu!

  3. LOVE all of the pink and gold!!! You did such an awesome job crafting... I would have never thought to use that wrapping paper as a table runner - everything was beautiful :) :)

  4. You did a killer job on everything! It all looks so pretty, love the pink and gold! It looks like you went all out without having to go all out, if that makes sense. That's my favourite way haha!

  5. What a fabulous birthday! The decorations are awesome and the them :) Great job

  6. You did such a wonderful job planning that!! All the pink and gold details are amazing!! Especially love the champagne flutes and cake pops (they are always so great)!

  7. Wow, what a fabulous 1st birthday party!

  8. Looks beautiful! How fun! I can't believe she just turned 1 and that my Olivia turns 1 in less than two months! I loved reading about the party :) Are the tissue garlands hard to make? I'd love to make one for Olivia's party but have no idea how :)

  9. So I have a wedding coming up and.....I mean....any interest in planning? That is the most beautiful one year old party I have ever seen!!! So beautiful!!!

  10. Hopping over from Leslie's link party! I love all the details of her first birthday party! The menu looks awesome! Great job!

  11. Thank you for linking up!!! I LOVE this theme...the colors are amazing!! What a great idea--a brunch! The garland around her high chair is so cute. I might copy that for my little girl's first bday in a couple of months. So, so beautiful and special for her big day! Sharing on pinterest!

  12. seems like GFC is down...I'll be following when it's back up!

  13. Our baby girls must have very close birthdays! My little's birthday was yesterday, but her party is not until this coming Saturday… I might have to steal some of your ideas and add them :)
    Stopping by from ourlifeonabudget.blogspot.com :)

  14. This turned out gorgeous!!! Beautiful job and a very happy birthday to your little sweetie

  15. Love this! You did an amazing job. We did pink & gold for Emily's first bday also! It is such a pretty combo! I really like the framed number one! The tassel garland is super cute too!

  16. I think it’s most beautiful and entertaining brunch party, even I also like the food corner. You really did great party preparations!!

    best boozy brunch nyc

  17. A fantastic first birthday brunch! I am totally in love with this party décor. Thanks a lot for these photos. Our daughter’s birthday is coming and will be hosting a party at a local party venue Houston TX. It’s a surprise for her.


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