Is {two} too young?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This is going to be a quick but deep post on my  two-year old starting preschool. what?! preschool?! As I had mentioned before we had been in search of the "right" place for him and somewhere where we would feel comfortable having him attend school a couple days a week, since I stay home with the kiddos. Well we found it a few weeks ago.

Little Gus did great when we toured. We were looking at the school for August, so we saw the three year old classroom. He went right in, started looking around, made himself at home and even made some new friends. He wasn't shy at all. He didn't cling onto my leg. He felt right at home. This put me at ease.

They teach the children about values, they incorporate the bible into the curriculum, and they small student-teacher ratios. The director was so impressed with him, as a first timer. By the end of the tour she asked us if we would even consider putting him in for the remainder of the school year because he was more than ready. We told her that we didn't think we were quite ready and really wanted him to start at the beginning of the school year.

After thinking more and more about it, we decided it would be good for him to get used to the idea of going to school in the two-year old class, which is less structured, for the two months that are left of the school year and then come August, he will already be familiar with the school and be ready to move up to the three-year old class.

This week has been all about getting him ready for school. I''ve been talking to him a lot about school but I'm not sure if completely understands what on earth I'm talking about. We still need to get his uniforms and his lunchbox (the half-day students stay until right after  lunch, so he will be having lunch with his classmates) I can't even picture the cuteness that's going to go on next week here, between the uniforms, his book bag and his lunchbox. baby is starting preschool next week.. just two days a week for a few hours. I am excited but nervous for him. Part of me wants to keep him home still because he is only 2. He is still a baby. I still wonder is two, too young? Is this really going to be as good for him as we think it will? As a mother, I always go back and forth on the decisions Gus and I make for our little ones. It's hard to be completely sure but I guess that's where you have to have faith and trust that God is putting this opportunity in your path for a reason. And if it wasn't God's will his admission into the school would not have been this easy.

At what age did your little one start preschool?


  1. Well since I don't quite have a little babe of my own - I honestly think it's up to you guys and what you think is best for your little man. I know for my sister (she has three kids 8,6 and 3 are the ages) and all of them started going a few days a week at 3 years old...but if he's ready then perhaps it might be worth it!

  2. I don't have kids, but, to me, preschool seems like the wrong word, haha. They're two. But I think it's great for him to get used to another non-home environment and to meet new kids.

  3. My daughter went to a preschool starting at 13 months old. By the time she was two, she knew three languages. It's amazing what they teach children. Though it's more on the pricier side than a regular daycare, I see it's so well worth it. I think the earlier, the better! I see nothing wrong with it. I think your son will love it. I think people really don't understand that daycare and preschool are not the same and they are now offering so many more schools for younger kids


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