Five on Friday + {Lent, Preschool & Family}

Friday, March 7, 2014

Man, It's been quite a week! We've had a busy busy one over here but I am oh so glad it's Friday, once again! 

{one} On Monday we went and visited a preschool for little Gus. We loved it and he loved it! He went right into the classroom and sat down with the other children and by the time we were done he had already made a friend! This was a HUGE sign that he is ready for school! Since my in-laws both have busy work schedules , Gus' aunt who lives right down the street was so gracious enough to watch Olivia while we went and took the tour with the little guy and really just focus on him. We met with the director and she gave us such a detailed run down of the school and what their objectives are for the children. We were so pleased with the programs they offer.  They have a small teacher to student ratio and use a biblical based curriculum which I think were the major aspects that we loved!

{two} Wednesday was Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent...that means that we have just a short amount of time to prepare for Easter! I have such a cute Easter giveaway coming up on the blog, later this month but before that I wanted to share a blog post by Melissa over at Simply Sweet Melissa! On Wednesday, she had a wonderful post with an  explanation of Lent...what it is and how people celebrate it in relation to Easter! You can take a look at it here!

{three}We are Catholic and on Ash Wednesday we go to mass and receive ashes on our forehead, in the shape of a cross. We took a family selfie in the car after we recieved our ashes! (minus Olivia) You can tell we have a silly one in the back! He makes  us laugh so hard sometimes!

{four}Did you see my one-piece swimsuit post earlier this week? I put together a list of my five favorite one-piece swimsuits with links to the stores where I found them. You can take a look at it here!

{five} The little miss turns ONE next week! And due to the birthday festivities my family is flying in town!! EEKKK!!! I am  so excited to have them here! Since we live so far all of our visits with them are thoroughly planned out! It's also pretty hard to get everyone together. My parents live right outside of Atlanta, my sister lives and works in Mobile and my brother is in school in North Georgia and we are here in Miami! Craziness! The last time we were all together was Christmas. I miss them so much!


  1. So wonderful that your family is coming to visit!! I'm sure her birthday is going to a great success!! Happy Friday!

  2. So happy you found a preschool that you like!! And I LOVE those swimsuits!!!

  3. awesome...small student-teacher ratio AND Biblical curriculum?! Glory to God! Amazing!
    Happy weekend, girlie! xx


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