{Halloween Pajama Party}

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Monday!! Hope you had a great weekend! We did! It was busy but it was a good one! The kids FINALLY decided what they were going to be Halloween so we picked up their costumes! We took Olivia to the Disney store and walked straight to Sofia. no questions asked. no second thoughts. thats what she wanted. (oh and btw-- all the costumes are 40% off at the Disney store just in case, you want to stock up on princess costumes for Christmas gifts. I totally would if I were you ;)). 

Gus, on the other hand, didnt react to anything at the Disney Store so we made our way over to Toys R us and he jumped at Thomas! Totally a surprise! We had been looking at costumes online for quite some time now and he had been sticking to Lightning McQueen. But hey, toddlers are unpredictable! You never know what and how they will react to. 

Today kicks off the week of Halloween and I am joining some other fabulous mommy bloggers for a virtual pajama party for our little ones!! eeekkk, yay!! We had so much fun snapping these yesterday!! We looove parties! woohoo!! And there's no better way to have a party when other blogger are all over the country!! 

Well here we go...are you ready?!?! 

As you can tell Gus was such in a great mood for picture taking! This is on the rare side...he normally isnt a fan of having his pictures taken ;) 

Thank you to all of these lovely ladies for hosting this pajama party! This was so much fun! Can't wait for the next one!!

Friday Faves & A Quick Hello

Friday, October 24, 2014

Just stopping by for a quick hello since I have totally abandoned the blog this week! I have had both kids sick this week and of course they passed the love to me. When does that ever NOT happen? I guess its just part of motherhood. In other words, this hasn't been the easiest of weeks! 

{one}Gus has been doing great with potty training...He hasn't had an accident at school since early last week so that deserved a special surprise. I had grabbed a few Thomas trains awhile back, since he's completley obsessed and saved them for when we saw him improving in the potty training department. His face just lit up when we gave it to him last night! So sweet! 

{two} I have listed a couple more items on the The Lilac Lemon and next week hopefully we will be back in full swing over here with some fabulous last minute Halloween ideas! Also, If you're on Instagram come find me! I post a lot more over there than I do on the blog just because its more accessible and much quicker with the kiddos! 

{three} November has creeped on me...Gus turns 3 on the 22nd of next month and eeekkkk that means I have to whip something quick for his birthday. We thought about taking him to Disney World BUT this year will be the first year that he actually has little friends to invite that aren't just family friends, since he's in school! So a party it is! 

Now as for the theme...I think we are stilll between Thomas and Cars. He keeps changing his mind. Like any toddler. 

{four} I was browsing Target and found these fabulous hand towels in their Winter Holiday collection for such a steal at $8.99...They are a neutral too, so they can be used all year!! More bang for your buck! 

{five} Last weekend I helped put all the decor together for my father-in-laws birthday party! It was so last minute but everything turned our pretty perfect, if you ask me! ;)

These 3D Moss Numbers are now available in the shop!! You can find the listing here 

Cheers to the Weekend!!!

A new Adventure : The LIlac Lemon

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I love to craft, I probably dont share as many crafty things on here as I would have hoped to but I really love making things! It's such a stress reliever for me...it helps me unwind and gives me a mental break from dealing with toddlers...(The last couple days have been especially difficult) 

So that being said...I opened up an ETSY shop last week....yep. Just. like. that. 

 Most of the wreaths are personalized and can be customized pretty much in any shape or form. You can check them out here !! 

I'm so excited for this adventure and to be able to release some of my imagination and creativity! 

AND it's open just in time for the holidays! I've been busy working some fab ideas up for Christmas!! 

On another note...I haven't spoken about potty training on here in awhile. Gus started doing really well once we transitioned him over from pull-ups to regular underwear at school. His teacher suggested it because she thought he just wasn't letting us know he needed to use the restroom because he knew he could just go in the pull-up...and sure enough that was the issue. 

We've come to the conclusion that he's just too smart for his own good. He was rarely having accidents at school until we came from Atlanta and that just changed the ball game completley. He started having poopy accidents. And well lets just say we're still working on it. 

I can take him out in public in underwear and he will be fine...as long as i keep reminding him that he needs to use the potty. 

It never crossed my mind that potty training was going to be this hard. Rumor it's is much more difficult with boys than it is with girls. lets just keep our fingers crossed on this one ;)


{Five on Friday}

Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy FRIDAY!!!! Seriously guys, TGIF!!! This has been a long week for us!! But I am so happy that the 5 on Friday link-up is BACK after a brief Summer break! yayyyy!!! 

{one} A few years back I purchased a Mary Kay lipstick  in Berry Kiss and the lip liner to go with it in and I whipped it out again this week for a more "fall" look. And I'm pretty much loving it these days!!

{two} My sister in law got me this fab top for my birthday along with some fab sunglasses!! I wore the top yesterday for the first time and I just cant seem to stop wearing the sunglasses!! I'm wearing both  in the picture above and here is the full body picture!

The top is so comfortable and pretty forgiving! ;)

{three} There has been lots of talk about halloween over here...I've been asking Gus what he wants to be for halloween this year and he keeps telling me "Cars". I've had no luck finding a cute Lightning McQueen costume online so if anyone finds anything or has any suggestions....they would be greatly appreciated!!

I'm not crazy about this one from the disney store

This one is a little cuter from halloweencostumes.com but of course it's out of stock. 

He also keeps telling me that Olivia wants to be Sophia! haha so I guess thats maybe what she will have to be. That should be an easy one to find. 

{four} I had a little bit of a health scare this week and I had a very important doctor's appointment yesterday. I went in pretty terrified but he was very optimistic about everything and that really put my nerves at ease a little bit. I have to have some tests done anyways but I have faith that everything will be okay. Please keep me in your prayers!

{five} I made my first wreath this week...our front door was looking rather sad so I spruced up a little something!

Not too shabby for my first wreath, huh??

I hope you have a great weekend with your family and friends!! 

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