{Halloween Pajama Party}

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Monday!! Hope you had a great weekend! We did! It was busy but it was a good one! The kids FINALLY decided what they were going to be Halloween so we picked up their costumes! We took Olivia to the Disney store and walked straight to Sofia. no questions asked. no second thoughts. thats what she wanted. (oh and btw-- all the costumes are 40% off at the Disney store just in case, you want to stock up on princess costumes for Christmas gifts. I totally would if I were you ;)). 

Gus, on the other hand, didnt react to anything at the Disney Store so we made our way over to Toys R us and he jumped at Thomas! Totally a surprise! We had been looking at costumes online for quite some time now and he had been sticking to Lightning McQueen. But hey, toddlers are unpredictable! You never know what and how they will react to. 

Today kicks off the week of Halloween and I am joining some other fabulous mommy bloggers for a virtual pajama party for our little ones!! eeekkk, yay!! We had so much fun snapping these yesterday!! We looove parties! woohoo!! And there's no better way to have a party when other blogger are all over the country!! 

Well here we go...are you ready?!?! 

As you can tell Gus was such in a great mood for picture taking! This is on the rare side...he normally isnt a fan of having his pictures taken ;) 

Thank you to all of these lovely ladies for hosting this pajama party! This was so much fun! Can't wait for the next one!!


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