Friday Faves & A Quick Hello

Friday, October 24, 2014

Just stopping by for a quick hello since I have totally abandoned the blog this week! I have had both kids sick this week and of course they passed the love to me. When does that ever NOT happen? I guess its just part of motherhood. In other words, this hasn't been the easiest of weeks! 

{one}Gus has been doing great with potty training...He hasn't had an accident at school since early last week so that deserved a special surprise. I had grabbed a few Thomas trains awhile back, since he's completley obsessed and saved them for when we saw him improving in the potty training department. His face just lit up when we gave it to him last night! So sweet! 

{two} I have listed a couple more items on the The Lilac Lemon and next week hopefully we will be back in full swing over here with some fabulous last minute Halloween ideas! Also, If you're on Instagram come find me! I post a lot more over there than I do on the blog just because its more accessible and much quicker with the kiddos! 

{three} November has creeped on me...Gus turns 3 on the 22nd of next month and eeekkkk that means I have to whip something quick for his birthday. We thought about taking him to Disney World BUT this year will be the first year that he actually has little friends to invite that aren't just family friends, since he's in school! So a party it is! 

Now as for the theme...I think we are stilll between Thomas and Cars. He keeps changing his mind. Like any toddler. 

{four} I was browsing Target and found these fabulous hand towels in their Winter Holiday collection for such a steal at $8.99...They are a neutral too, so they can be used all year!! More bang for your buck! 

{five} Last weekend I helped put all the decor together for my father-in-laws birthday party! It was so last minute but everything turned our pretty perfect, if you ask me! ;)

These 3D Moss Numbers are now available in the shop!! You can find the listing here 

Cheers to the Weekend!!!

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  1. Gorgeous party.
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