Time to POP the bubbly!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's time to POP the bubbly because wedding season is in full swing!!

I love weddings! Everything about them! It's so great to see the bride and groom's personalities in the style and details of the wedding! It's also so fabulous to catch up with family and friends!

My husband and I have a few weddings this season but attire is always so stressful (mostly for me)!! I can never decide what to wear! EVER! 

 I am no fashion blogger by any means but I have put together a little inspiration board for myself to see what "looks" I liked the best! Can you tell I like color? Yeah, I'm not much of a neutral person! 

Wedding Guest Looks

I love all four of these looks for wedding guests! Every single one of these pieces would be in my wardrobe, no doubt,  if I had an unlimited budget...key words: "if I had an unlimited budget". 

A girl can dream ;)! 

Cheers to all of the brides and grooms this wedding season!!


  1. GREAT post since wedding season in in full swing!!! Lovin' all of those picks too! xoxo Have a great day!

  2. Love the rasberry peplum but a little out of my price range lol!! The orange one shoulder dress also very very pretty!

  3. That striped dress is hot hot hot. But, they all rock! Great dream ideas =) Such a shame when the budget isn't unlimited, I'd take one of each myself.


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