Five on {Friday}

Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Friday!!! Wooohooo I am so glad it's Friday! I'm linking up again with Darci and the girls to list five fabulous things about this past week! Here we go...

{one} Last weekend I went out and grabbed up a bunch of pink and gold decor for Livi's Fabulous First Birthday Brunch! Eek!! I'm so excited!! There's going to be a whole lot of pink and gold. Here is some Pintrest inspiration I found for her little birthday brunch!

{two} Did you check out my Beach Essentials post for toddler's I posted earlier this week? There are so  many adorable options this year, it was so hard to choose my faves! But I managed! You can check out my favorites here!!

This little suit is just too much. We may just go have to pick it up this weekend!! I love navy and pink combinations for little girls and with polka dots...even more!

{three} Now as far as swimsuits for me...I'm considering trying a chic, one piece this year. One piece styles seem to be "in". Although I have lost all my baby weight, I feel like my body is not what it used to be. Things are not where they were before, so on and so forth. And quite frankly with two babies,this year it would be so nice not to have to worry about stuff falling out while your playing with a little one or carrying them! haha

I like the idea of a flattering one piece, however I am not sure if finding one that is flattering is going to be as easy. But we'll see. Here's one that I found I'm obsessing over

Any thoughts???

{four} I am trying to use my crock-pot for dinner more and more lately to make the whole dinner thing easier. Last night we had the Pulled Pork from The Busy Budgeting Mama! It was amazing and soooo simple!! We loved her Chicken Tortilla Soup as well!! 

{five}Are you sooo excited it's the weekend??? Because I am!!! We have a busy weekend ahead of us again!! Seriously, when do we not have a busy weekend??? hahha

Cheers to the weekend!! 


  1. I'm loving all of that pink and gold!! You should be planning my next birthday party ;)

    Happy Friday, pretty girl!! xo

  2. That blue swimsuit is amazing!
    & I really love the pink & gold combo, which is so weird because I'm not a fan of gold in general!

  3. Visiting from the link up. That is exactly what the cake looked like for my daughter's birthday! I was so nervous about our local bakery working on the ruffles but it turned out lovely!

  4. That is the most lovely one piece I've ever seen! It's gorgeous!!!
    LOVE your pinspiration for the party!! Pink and gold perfection! xx

  5. Oh, I love that one piece bathing suit! Ad a big floppy hat and a fresh pedicure -- tres chic!


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