two. tough. and tougher.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The last few weeks have been tough, so just wanted to write from my heart with what is going on over in our neck of the woods. My son is two going on sixteen, the terrible twos have kicked in and it is no secret that they haven't been easy. They have taken a toll on me. My husband came home for lunch today and I literally had a mommy meltdown. Yep, it ended in tears.

Dealing with a toddler, or should I say two toddlers because Olivia may as well be one too, is not easy. Repeating yourself 10 times in 5 minutes is overwhelming and very frustrating. And lately, it seems like that's I do that all day everyday. Everything with my two year old is an ordeal. Changing his diaper. Eating. Writing with chalk on the furniture. (Thank God its just chalk and it comes right off but still its the principal of writing on the furniture is not allowed that I'm trying to get across). Getting dressed. It's all a constant battle. And his favorite word these days is "NO".

I love being a stay-at-home mom, I really do. To me it is so rewarding yet one of hardest things I have ever done. It's something that I have always wanted to do. And I wanted to thank my wonderful husband for giving me the opportunity to do so. Did I know it would be this hard? Absolutely not. You really have no idea what this is like until you experience it. Or at least that's how it was for me. I had NO idea what I signed up for. But you know what they say...You live and learn. And it's absolutely true. Yes, there will be good days and bad days. And every single time I see him happy or hear him say please or thank you or see him take out two yogurts, one for him and one for his sister, instead of just one, all of that frustration immediately goes away and I see the fruits of my hard work with him.

I try so hard to savor those pleasant moments I have with him. Like, this morning while Olivia was taking her morning nap he watched Finding Nemo for the first time. Him and I cuddled on the couch, still in our pj's and I just soaked in all of my happy two year old that I could.

But hey, is life easy? Nope. Is it beautiful? Yes. Have a learned a lot from being a stay at home mom? yes, PATIENCE! If God didn't know that I couldn't handle this he wouldn't have given it to me. I know he has a plan for me and my little family and that this is just a phase. Hopefully it will pass quickly. He has a plan for all of us. He knows what we can handle and what we can't. We just have to have a little bit of faith and everything will work out.


  1. I've been there. It is really really hard. It will pass soon enough. (Wait til he is really sixteen like mine is! Ugh)

  2. I love your insights on this. Very wonderful. Thank for sharing this with us.


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