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Thursday, February 20, 2014



Here in South Florida, beach season is literally right around the corner. Our "winters" are really like a mild Fall and Spring. It's nice sometimes but it gets old rather quickly. I have put together a little toddler beach lookbook for each of my little ones, since this year is actually the first year that I think we will actually be able to enjoy the beach since we got married. Every summer I have either been very pregnant or had a baby that can't sit up yet. I am so thrilled to have the kids enjoy lot's of beach time this year!

I saw a lot of navy and pink suits this year for little girls...which I don't mind one bit. I love that combination ;). And I love flamingos for Olivia!! What toddler mom doesn't love a shoe that you just rinse right off that isn't a foam flip flop?? The shoe that I picked out for Gus I love because it's not a flip flop. Flip flops for young ones are complicated to me. They always tend to fall off when they are walking or they "hurt". And the bow jelly sandals that I picked out for Olivia are just perfect. Well anything with a bow is but these I love because they're a neutral and she can wear them to the beach, rinse them off and wear them with a sundress the next day. I love versatile items. Especially for little ones because they grow so fast.

My kids LOVE sunglasses! They think they're great! Which makes me so happy because with the strong rays in Miami, it's so important to me to protect their little eyes.

Let's talk about the fedoras, shall we? There's nothing cuter than mini fedora's!! ahhh! Little Gus is pretty good about keeping hats on...Olivia on the other hand is the complete opposite. 


  1. I miss those cute little kid bathing suits (mine are in men's sizes now!)
    The beach with little ones is so fun, plus they sleep great afterwards!

  2. Oh my goodness - why are baby girl bathing suits cuter than adult bathing suits?! I love little kids in fedoras - too cute!

  3. Oh my goodness. This reminds me.... I need a bathing suit. Summer is coming, and FAST.


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