Valentine's Day Mini-Party

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I typically don't post on the weekends but I just couldn't wait to share these photos I took of the kiddos today! And since it is February 1st, I figured what better way to get in the Valentine's Day than to have a mini-party for the little ones. It lasted no more than 15 minutes-until the pink strawberry icing got out of hand haha. 

-the heart garland //I found at the dollar tree (fab find)
-the banner// I made from cardstock and glitter foam sheets I had 
-the straws //I had left over from Gus' first birthday
 (I had ordered them from
-the mini's //up top are mini yogurt shots and I cut two paper straws in two and added them for decor
-the brownies //are mini-brownies from publix bakery. I added the pink frosting for color.
-V-Day print in Frame//  Amanda from Happily Ever After has 3 free Valentine's day printable which are so adorable!

We don't know what we're in for yet on her first birthday! She may eat her entire cake by herself! haha This girl didn't waste any time! 

Yep, she went to straight to the bathtub after this haha!

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  1. Love your Valentines decor! The pompom trim is so cute. You kids are beautiful!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! You're so sweet!


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