Holiday Gift Guide || The Guys

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Today, I am bringing you some gift ideas for all the gentlemen in your life...husband, boyfriend, brother, dad, uncles, cousins, grandfathers. I really love thinking of gifts to give each family member. Something they would enjoy but I think the guys are always the toughest for me to shop for. Most of the time, I ask Gus to tag along and help me pick things out. 

Holiday Gift Guide- The Guys

Can we just talk about how adorable that toggle coat is? I think that may be too preppy for my husband but it is to die for. I think he would soooo handsome in it, anyways ;) 



These are a few of my Favorite Things || Link-up

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Since I am right in the middle of my Holiday Gift Guide Series, I decided there really wouldn't be a better time to link-up with some lovely ladies and share a few things that I am totally loving lately and have my eye on for Christmas!! (hint hint, wink wink)  

A Few of my favorite things

UGG Australia 'Andi' Slipper, $94 / TOMS lace up boots / Yosi Samra ballet flat / Kate Spade stud earrings, $40 / Kate Spade belt / Kate Spade iphone case / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics cream eyeshadow / Kate Spade perfume fragrance

Do you see a trend? Gold, Glitter and Leopard?! 

What's on your Christmas List?

Thanks Ladies for hosting this fun link-up!! Keep checking back because I will be back later this week to finish up the Holiday Gift Guides ;) 


Thursday, November 13, 2014

I had another Holiday Gift Guide post scheduled for today but I think sharing what has been on my mind lately is more important. The Gift Guide series can wait ;) 

Balance is something I have been struggling with lately. How do you balance motherhood, keeping up with house work, the kids, the blog, the husband, school projects (mind you my son is 2) and now the Holidays quickly approaching?? ohhh i almost forgot...AND Olivia's latest trend...the temper tantrums otherwise known as kicking, screaming on the top of her lungs in public and throwing herself on the floor. The beauty of having a strong willed toddler. 

The past couple weeks feel like have been jam packed with events and happenings and the fact that our washer failed on me, right before all the hustle and bustle started didn't help one bit. I am still catching up with laundry. not fun. at. all. 

Life has gotten so much busier with Gus being in school 5 days a week, although it's just half days. It feels like we go go go ALL the time. And from now until the end of the year, it isn't getting any better. I have no idea when I am going to fit in all the holiday shopping. I suppose Amazon Prime will help. 

Gus turns three next week and I can hardly believe it. I really want time to just slow down so I have a chance to balance everything out. And even though I am home, I feel like I am not necessarily spending as much time with the little ones as I should. Social Media may have something to do with that. mom fail. and the feeling of guilt begins. 

Are my standards too high? Am I totally crazy? because sometimes I feel like I am. The other night after bathing the kids, I started putting Olivia's Pajamas on Gus without even realizing it. 

Okay I'm done rambling. Thanks for listening ;) 

Holiday Gift Guide || Little Boys

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


1. Lightning McQueen Remote Control Car -- Right now Gus is going through a huge cars phase. So to say the least he would freak over this remote control car.

2. Melissa and Doug Big Rid Building Set -- A truck you can build and take apart? A little boys dream. plus it's wooden and Melissa and Doug so that means the quality is fab.

3. Melissa and Doug Vehicle Stamp Set  -- Little boys love moving things. we are loving anything thaat has wheels lately. This is such a fun set to have laying around for impromptu crafting. The price is very reasonable for gift giving.

4. Mac Die Cast Carrier set -- Gus has been eyeing this. We saw it at Toys R Us the other day so I just had to add it to the list.

5. Lego Bricks and more Bricks Box -- Legos are a great way to build creativity and allow a little boy's imagination to let loose. legos always come in handy, especially ones that come in a case, easy to put away.

6. Lightning McQueen Fleece-- Love that this can be personalized. There is something about giving a gift that is personalized. To me it shows the person receiving the gift that you went that much further. You gave it more thought and more planning. Although all you really did is paid the extra $7 to have it personalized ;)

7. Melissa and Doug Workbench --  Gus loves tools. He always wants to help big Gus with house projects. My parents are getting Gus this work bench and what I love most about this is that it comes with acctual wooden nails and tools that he will be able to screw.

8. Mega Blocks Thomas the Train Starter Set -- Thomas is also a huge hit with toddlers. Gus is loves his wooden trains but a lego set, i think he would love.

Holiday Gift Guide || Little Girls

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


1. Rain boots --- umm how sweet are these?! I love how girly these rainboots are! And what toddler doesnt love rain boots?! im pretty sure none. 

2. Melissa and doug party cake    -- I love the Melissa and Doug wooden food sets! They have fruit and veggie sets, cookie sets, pizza sets but this party cake is so adorable!! Olivia is starting to get into the pretend stage and this cake would perfectly with the play kitchen my parents are getting her for Christmas! 

My favorite part about these is that they are wooden so they last three times as long as the plastic play food!    

3. Minnie Mouse remote control car---Olivia is always trying to play with Gus' cars so this is perfect for her to have. it's a girly remote control car! 

4. Melissa and Doug Princess Stamp Set -- Again, I love Melissa and Doug! Most little girls LOVE princesses and this stamp set is so adorable, good quality and such a fun craft set to have on hand. And the price is pretty reasonable for any little ones in your family!  

5. Kidkraft Praire Tea Set -- I have been looking for a tea set for Olivia that is not ceramic and that she can acctually play with. And i think I found the perfect one. This is a wooden playset and the colors are sooooo girly! this is so fabulous! 

6. Sofia the First Suitcase   -- Mini Suitcases, I have learned, come in pretty handy for packing toddler's overnight essentials. And a Sofia the first suitcase, I'm pretty sure O would just flip over. 

7. Doll Cradle -- I love the wooden baby cradle! And I love that the colors match with other "real" furniture. Olivia loves playing babies these days!! 

8. Kidkraft Play Kitchen -- A play kitchen is what every little girl needs. My sister and I played with ours quite frequently when we were younger. My parents are getting Olivia a little kitchen similar to this one and I just can't wait to see her face when she sees it Christmas morning!! 

9.  Doll High Chair -- If you get the cradle the doll needs the highchair ....that's just how it goes. This one resembles the real one we have for Olivia so it would be so fun to have a mini version of this for her doll!! 

Hope this helps you early shoppers!! Stay tuned for the boy version of this Holiday Gift Guide tomorrow!! 


King of Christmas + A Giveaway

Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas 2010

 I was looking back at photos and this was the first Christmas Gus and I spent together. He came and spent it with my family in Atlanta and it snowed!!! It was the first year it had snowed on Christmas in Atlanta since the 1800's!!! talk about crazy! It was such a good one though! 

It seems like Christmas comes earlier every year. I really feel bad for Thanksgiving! But who doesn't love Christmas!! It really is the best time of the year! So much goes on but I think one of my favorite parts is decorating and making our home "feel" like Christmas! 

 King of Christmas  is a Christmas online store that I have recently discovered with some fabulous Christmas decor, prelit and unlit artificial Christmas trees at amazing prices. I love the variety of products they have in stock! 

If you haven't checked them out I would certainly do so!! 

They are having a great giveaway which you can find here . The first place prize is a 7 foot artificial Christmas Tree ( a $249 value)  and the second place prize is $100 gift certificate to their store. Those are two pretty fantastic prizes if you ask me!! 

Check back later this week as I am going to start my Holiday Gift Guides, complete with links, for those of you that are early shoppers!!! 

Happy Monday!! 

**This was a sponsored post by King of Christmas. I have been compensated for this blog post.**

Halloween Re-cap + Daylight Savings Hangover

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our Halloween was so much fun this year and very exhausting for this little lady, as hauling around two toddlers in costume is not the easiest thing in the world. I also, tend to want to everything for the holidays and overwhelm myself. I love to be festive and make goodies for family, friends and even my husbands office co-workers. 

So Friday started out great! We headed to drop Gus off at pre-school and Olivia and I stayed for all of the Halloween festivities. They always put on a Costume parade with the little ones all dressed up in their costumes and then they have their class parties. 

They had such a blast and I am so blessed I was able to enjoy Gus and his classmates. I do feel fortunate I have the opportunity to be present for all of Gus and Olivia's milestones. 

After the class party we came home the kidds napped and then we headed out to meet some mommy friends and their little ones for a Halloween event, one of our local malls was hosting. Gus made crafts, they trick or treated a bit and got goody bags. 

We came home and met Gus and jumped in the car for another Halloween party some other friends of ours invited us to and trick or treating. 

Let's just say Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing. We were completely worn out from all the sugar rushes, trick or treating and the late night. 

Can we please talk about how it's Wednesday and we are still hungover from Daylight Savings on Sunday?! ummm my little ones have been getting up at the crack of dawn since Sunday AM and we are all discombobulated. There's been a lot of early mornings, no napping, temper tantrums...i think you get the point. Hoping we all get adjusted very soon. I don't remember the time change being this difficult last year. Has the time change been difficult on your little ones?

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