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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


1. Lightning McQueen Remote Control Car -- Right now Gus is going through a huge cars phase. So to say the least he would freak over this remote control car.

2. Melissa and Doug Big Rid Building Set -- A truck you can build and take apart? A little boys dream. plus it's wooden and Melissa and Doug so that means the quality is fab.

3. Melissa and Doug Vehicle Stamp Set  -- Little boys love moving things. we are loving anything thaat has wheels lately. This is such a fun set to have laying around for impromptu crafting. The price is very reasonable for gift giving.

4. Mac Die Cast Carrier set -- Gus has been eyeing this. We saw it at Toys R Us the other day so I just had to add it to the list.

5. Lego Bricks and more Bricks Box -- Legos are a great way to build creativity and allow a little boy's imagination to let loose. legos always come in handy, especially ones that come in a case, easy to put away.

6. Lightning McQueen Fleece-- Love that this can be personalized. There is something about giving a gift that is personalized. To me it shows the person receiving the gift that you went that much further. You gave it more thought and more planning. Although all you really did is paid the extra $7 to have it personalized ;)

7. Melissa and Doug Workbench --  Gus loves tools. He always wants to help big Gus with house projects. My parents are getting Gus this work bench and what I love most about this is that it comes with acctual wooden nails and tools that he will be able to screw.

8. Mega Blocks Thomas the Train Starter Set -- Thomas is also a huge hit with toddlers. Gus is loves his wooden trains but a lego set, i think he would love.

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  1. So timely. I have to go to a birthday party for a little boy this weekend and was just thinking about what to get him. My boys are teenagers and this part of our world is gone!


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