Halloween Re-cap + Daylight Savings Hangover

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our Halloween was so much fun this year and very exhausting for this little lady, as hauling around two toddlers in costume is not the easiest thing in the world. I also, tend to want to everything for the holidays and overwhelm myself. I love to be festive and make goodies for family, friends and even my husbands office co-workers. 

So Friday started out great! We headed to drop Gus off at pre-school and Olivia and I stayed for all of the Halloween festivities. They always put on a Costume parade with the little ones all dressed up in their costumes and then they have their class parties. 

They had such a blast and I am so blessed I was able to enjoy Gus and his classmates. I do feel fortunate I have the opportunity to be present for all of Gus and Olivia's milestones. 

After the class party we came home the kidds napped and then we headed out to meet some mommy friends and their little ones for a Halloween event, one of our local malls was hosting. Gus made crafts, they trick or treated a bit and got goody bags. 

We came home and met Gus and jumped in the car for another Halloween party some other friends of ours invited us to and trick or treating. 

Let's just say Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing. We were completely worn out from all the sugar rushes, trick or treating and the late night. 

Can we please talk about how it's Wednesday and we are still hungover from Daylight Savings on Sunday?! ummm my little ones have been getting up at the crack of dawn since Sunday AM and we are all discombobulated. There's been a lot of early mornings, no napping, temper tantrums...i think you get the point. Hoping we all get adjusted very soon. I don't remember the time change being this difficult last year. Has the time change been difficult on your little ones?


  1. Gus was a popular little boy for Halloween!!! BOTH of their costumes are beyond adorable!!!! Looks like ya'll had a blast. Thankfully time change hasn't effected us much this year. The first day was loooong, but by 3 we were back on schedule, thankfully. I can't even imagine how difficult it is with 2 kiddos. Wishing you luck mama!!


  2. You had a busy Halloween!!! And your kiddos are too dang cute in their costumes... Love it!

  3. The time change has been the worst. I think we might finally be getting a little back on track, not perfect yet. Such a stupid 'event'.

    Love the costumes! Super super cute! And it is nice that you can be there for all the moments.


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