Celebrating #29

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

If you follow me on Instagram (@eldalarrazabal), you probably know that this sweet guy's 29th birthday was Sunday. I am so thankful for his birthday. To dedicate one day of the year to celebrate, him coming into this world because we all know I have no idea what I would do without him and his patience with me, he's one hunk of a guy just for that.  

We did a lot of celebrating with family and some friends. A couple friends invited us over for a cookout, Saturday night after a first birthday party we had. Little did he know that the host and hostess had already called me behind his back and asked his favorite type of cake, when he told me we had an invitation for a cookout that night ;). So they surprised him with a little birthday cake and we sang happy birthday. It was such a  nice gesture from them and Gus really appreciated it! We are so blessed to have such great friends!

Then Sunday night we had a little family pizza party here at the house. I made some homemade whole wheat pizza's and this time I made the sauce from scratch too with a recipe that I borrowed from my uncle. (I typically just use pasta sauce--to save time but since it was a special occasion I went all out ;)) Well the sauce turned out pretty darn good! 

I wish I had taken pictures of the pizzas! But naturally, I was too busy being a hostess! 

The celebrating but simple but it was a quality celebration. We celebrated with the people that mean the most to him and that was the most important. You know what they sayy...."Less is always more". 

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  1. Happy Birthday to him! I agree less is more. It is fun to go all out on the kids, but for the parents..just something with the ones we love most! And, can't forget cake =)


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