Target Fab Find + The Bachelor + Let me brag a little

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yesterday, after we dropped Gus off at school, Livs and I went over to Target (like we usually do) to grab a couple things and I got side tracked, like always. Seriously, who doesn't?? We ended up in the women's clearance department. While Olivia was playing Palace Pets on my phone,  I found these great maxi dresses for $8.99 each!! 

WOAHHH! What a bargain! It's no secret I love maxi dresses for any occasion, especially for daily wear with the kids. The length is perfect, you don't have to worry about showing something while bending over and they are so comfortable!! They had a charcoal non-sleeved (pictured below), Navy with white stripes and a solid black. 

 I ended up going with just the solid black although now I'm pretty sure I should have gotten all of them. planning on wearing them alone now and then they will transition perfectly with like a jean jacket when it gets a little cooler! 

On another note, Gus had such a great day yesterday! He accomplished multiple milestones, which we are sooo proud of!! When I picked him up from school his teacher told me he was the only child that remembered that letter "A" is for alligator!! He was so proud of his special "A" sticker he got!! 

After he gets home from school, he has been wearing underwear here at home to slowly transition him into  wearing underwear at school too! He didn't have a single accident and he told me he had to go to the bathroom!!! yayyyy!!! we are finally making progress! 

And he learned how to ride his bike!!! ...pretty much on his own! So now we officially have a bike rider!! This called for a trip to the park when the Mr. got home! We had such a great time walking around with the kids, enjoying nature, just the four of us! And little Gus wore "big boy undies" , as he calls them, and didn't have an accident!!!


I can't even get over everything that happened yesterday! 

And finally, can we please talk about how the new bachelor is farmer Chris?!?! I totally called it!! I am so excited for his season to start!! Are you?? 


  1. So many awesome milestones in one day, yay!! Love your dress!

  2. SOOO excited for Chris to be the next bachelor!! And talk about a steal from Target, love it!!

  3. Oooh I love that target maxi!! I might need that. XO


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