Weekending + First Day of Pre-k 3

Monday, August 18, 2014

I hope you had a great weekend! We did--it was pretty low key. Gus had a birthday party Saturday, so that was pretty much the highlight of our day--along with a trip to toys r us which of course, included a meltdown from each of the toddlers. It was bound to happen. When does it not? 

Back to the birthday party-- The dad of the birthday boys is a fireman so they had his crew stop by the birthday party with the firetruck. Saying the children were ecstatic is an understatement! The were THRILLED! They got to climb onto the firetruck and pretend to drive it and put on the firefighter helmets. 

Sunday, was a lot of relaxing. I did some grocery shopping, napped with little Gus and we took a family outing to the park. Nothing really exciting but a lot of quality, down time, which was really nice since last weekend was quite busy! 

Today is our sweet boys first day of Pre-k 3. Since he had such a fantastic experience the few months he was in school last year, he will be going 5 days a week part-time, meaning basically until noon, this year. He is so excited to start a new school year, a fresh start, a new teacher, a new classroom. Part of me is so sad he is growing up so fast. I really wish time would just freeze. He is such a good age right now where he understands a lot, remembers a lot but he is still an innocent little baby. 

But he really loves school and as long as loves it--we may as well encourage his love for learning. 

So weekday mornings it will be just little Livey and I. I have to get a new weekly routine going with my favorite girl. Today-- it's all errands. lots of errands. her favorite. (can you hear the sarcasm). I'm excited though to have more girl time with the little lady! 

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Happy Monday! 


  1. Happy errand running day!!! Hopefully it goes smoother than you anticipate and the evenings will fly by with Gus and his excitement of the first day in PreK! Hugs mama!


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