Labor Day Weekend || 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We took advantage of the long weekend and escaped for an adult trip to Bimini in the Bahamas with some friends of ours to celebrate on of their birthdays.  

We stayed at a house in the World Bimini Resort...It was so pretty! 

We left Friday, at the crack of dawn and got back Monday. It was a quick little trip...2 hours by boat. 

We traveled by boat--they have one. 

It was such a blast! We ate, drank and relaxed in the sun every single day. No meal and naptime routine. Nowhere to be. The gentlemen did a little lobstering while the gals relaxed. We jet skied and went paddle boarding. 

but we definitely missed the kiddos a lot! 

The water was absolutely beautiful!

Reality hit us pretty hard Tuesday morning. So hopefully by tomorrow we will all be back in our routine! 

Hope you had a great long weekend as well! 



Friday Favorites

Friday, August 28, 2015

It's  Friday!! 
And we have officially survived our first week of school!! And I am back for another round of Friday Favorites. 

one || I'm not going to lie to you, I feel sleep deprived. And I'm pretty sure the hubs and Gustavo feel the exact same way! We have to wake the poor little guy up a whole hour before he normally wakes up.  we are still adjusting. 

But in the school adjustment department, he doing fantastic! He loves it! 

two || who's ready for fall?! If you missed my style post this week it's here...

three || Yesterday, Olivia and I ventured out to Old Navy, I snagged some great deals...meanwhile, all my little sidekick wanted to do was take "pitures" with her "new friends". I'm pretty sure she was making a scene. 

I think she needs a let's convince the hubby ;)

four || oh yeah and the "rella" that was another thing. only she could hold it. I love her independence and she was loving the umbrella that was twice her size. 

five || I'm still thinking about the crockpot chicken tacos I made Wednesday for dinner...I had plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day! I'll probably make them again this weekend! 

Hope you have a great weekend! 



Dinner Rut.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

It's Thursday!! That means the weekend starts tomorrow!! 

Gustavo has had a great first week of school so far! Tuesday was the first day we actually left him there and he came home like this...

His whole class had crowns on! How cute is this? 
I love that sweet smile!! 

 Yesterday, his teacher said he napped great--probably because he now has to get up about an hour earlier than normal. I was kind of nervous about the nap time situation. At his old preschool I always picked him up right after lunch so he had never really napped anywhere else besides home and his grandparents house. So thankful for that! 

On the other hand, I have been sensing the little miss has been feeling a bit lonely. 

 We've been in a dinner rut lately. I'm so tired of making the same few dishes every week-- its so blah...

Yesterday, I stepped it up a notch and whipped out my crock pot, which I had abandoned lately. I don't I've used it in months. Well let's just say I have fallen in love with it all over again! I am so excited! 

I was catching up on some blog reading Tuesday night and ran into some simple crock pot recipes from The Mix and Match Mama. I love her recipes because they're quick and simple! 
The crock pot chicken tacos really caught my eye and I had everything we needed for them!! WINNING!!!

The only thing I semi changed up was the recipe called for chicken breast and I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs and it worked just as great! 

They were the easiest thing to make--I hardly had to shred the chicken because it was so soft from being in the crock pot all day, it almost just fell apart on it's own!  and let's just say dinner was ready by 3:30pm----talk about ahead of the ball game! And the kids LOVED them. They chowed them down. literally. 



Style || Navy + Gold

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I am trying to transition to fall however, the Miami heat is making it pretty impossible. 

I am so in love with this Zara dress...It is a basic business dress with a fantastic back. When I saw the back of it, it was sold. It also fits absolutely fantastic and is form fitting enough but not to the point where it is uncomfortable. 

The color is a perfect neutral for fall and you could even bring it into winter with a closed pump. 
The shoes are BCBGMaxazaria and the earrings are Jcrew -- You know I love a pop of color. Neither one are still available but I have linked similar ones at the bottom! 

We have several Fall weddings this year in Atlanta so I have slowly been getting my attire prepared. Fall weddings can sometimes be tough to dress for since most evening wear is sleeveless. This beauty will definitely be making an appearance!

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend so far! 



Weekending + First Day of School

Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Monday! 
Hope your weekend wasn't as crazy as mine! We did everything except relax! 

I helped my sister in law throw my niece's birthday party this weekend...She got the Pinterest board together and my job was to help her make  it come to life. 

I had so much fun helping her out and i'm pretty sure she's glad it's over considering her phone was getting blown up by yours truly all week ;)

The party would not have complete without the ice cream bar! 

These were the party favors! 

We were pretty pleased with how everything ended up coming together! 

The kids all had a blast and loved the sugar overload since I normally deprive them of it ;)

In the mix of all of the party planning we had to finish prepping for back to school week down here in South Florida. Most schools started today. 

Gustavo is going to a Catholic School this year which goes through 8th grade. So this will be the only switching new schools for awhile! -- Hopefully! 

We just had orientation today! 
Gus and I went in with him and we met his teacher. She went over simple procedures, curriculum, he got a feel for the classroom---He was soooo excited!! 

He went right in and loved exploring his new classroom and meeting some new classmates! 

We feel so grateful to be starting this new chapter with him and really for our little family because Olivia will soon be there with him! 



Style || Casual.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I haven't done a style post in awhile but today they're back!

I went totally casual today! Let's face it, I'm almost always in casual! 
Loving this tee from Banana Republic. It's so soft and so comfortable for everyday wear. The jeans are old but I linked some similar options below. The earrings are Jcrew, which are also no longer available but again I have linked up similar! 

These earrings may be my fave...I wear them with everything. They are perfection! 




Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy Monday!! We are running extra slow most Mondays. Who am i kidding?
Our weekend started off with a family pizza and ice cream date. Just the four of us. It was pretty nice. 

Pizza was great. Can't beat Ricotta and Meatballs on a pizza. 

Then came the ice cream.  First Olivia requests pink ice cream. So she tried the Strawberry. She said "nope"-- As in thats not what i want. Then she proceeded to try every other pink ice cream or sherbert Haagen Dazs had. She didn't like any of them so we ordered her Strawberry. And that's what she got. 

Then it was Gustavo's turn to order...he asked for chocolate but was pointing at the Rocky Road which has a variety of alternative ingredients that aren't toddler friendly, like peanuts. Well, he ended up trying every other chocolate flavor they had. And finally still insisted on the rocky road, we let him tried it and he wanted the "special, new chocolate". So that's what he got. 

The girl serving our ice cream was the sweetest and soooo patient. 

Yes, Olivia wore a tutu to dinner and ice cream. 

We were THAT family. I wanted to be an ant on the wall. 

Saturday, we celebrated Gus' birthday with some of our closest friends. We had a blast! 

He requested he wanted to go Latin dancing...

It was a pretty successful adult birthday party! We danced the night away with some pretty fab birthday hats!!

And Sunday we recuperated! Lots of family napping and pool time was involved. 

Potty training is still going great! Olivia is catching on like magic! 

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!! 



Friday Faves

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sorry gals...Ive been a little MIA this week! We've been busy, busy, busy!! 

Just wanted to check-in for Friday faves today...

If you follow me on Instagram, Gus turned the big 3-0 on Monday! We had dinner with family -- And then his actual birthday party with friends is Saturday! 

The kids were completely blown away by the "giant candles"

I'll be doing a full re-cap on his birthday next week! 

We've also been trying to soak up the last of our Summer days and the ability to just be lazy in the mornings--At Gustavo's new school he has to be at school at 7:30am....yeah not exactly looking forward to those early mornings. 

One more week of no schedules! We are planning on having a fun weekend and a fun week next week packed with FUN before school starts! 

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! 




Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We had a wonderful weekend! Hope you did as well! We kicked it off Friday with Storytime at the library and the kiddos picked out some new books! The toddler storytime program is amazing! G and O I love that I have been implementing this into our weekly activities.

With technology everywhere, I think it's important, now more than ever to teach my little ones to have a love for books and reading. 

Friday night we headed to dinner with some of Gus' extended family that was in town and we spent the weekend at my in-laws --they live at the beach. So it's always a nice "getaway" or change of scenery. 

Saturday, we took advantage that we had a couple extra set of hands and Gus and I went on a run on the boardwalk. It was sooo nice! 

We ran some errands with my in-laws and all four grandchildren--that was fun!

Saturday night Gus and I escaped for a date night. gotta take advantage when you have someone to watch the kids. 

Sunday we slept in and were lazy all day--with the exception of taking all the cousins to the splash pad to get some energy out and then came back home!

Monday morning was rough for us. Everyone was overly tired and overly cranky. But hey, we survived!

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday! 



Back to School.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I can't believe we're almost in August. Time has just flown by! 

August is a busy month for us, Gustavo is starting Pre-School again, Gus turns 30, I think about half of our families have birthdays as well!  

This weekend we got a head start and completed ALL of our back to school shopping. Yes, all of it! Call me cray cray but Miami is a large city with, A LOT of people and A LOT of traffic. And yes, I hate traffic and I can't even bare the thought of the uniform store a couple weeks before school starts. I am sure it gets so incredibly packed, you can't even walk in because in typical Miami fashion everyone waits until the last minute to buy everything for back to school. 
Not this mama!!

Gustavo got accepted into a Catholic School for this upcoming school year -- which we are thankful for! Well we bought uniforms and Gustavo tried them all on! He was such a sweetie! He was so excited to try everything on!

My mom used to get all the Pottery Barn catalogs delivered to our house, growing up and I always LOVED all the book-bags they had but I was already too old for them, at the time. Sad day. I always told myself I would get those for my kids.

So Saturday we took a trip to Pottery Barn Kids and let him pick out his first big boy book-bag( although he is only going to Pre-K 3 ). At his prior preschool they didn't use book-bags -- they just had a tote sitting in their cubby with an extra change of clothes and it got replaced when needed. 

He was sooo excited!! He loved looking around (and touching, sigh)! Thank God PBK is semi-toddler friendly! And when I say toddler friendly I mean have things in the store that will keep your toddler occupied while you stand in the checkout line and don't have items at toddler eye level that they will completely destroy. 

 Of course, he picked out the Marvel Avengers print book-bag and we got him the matching lunchbox! (We had to take advantage of the back to School sale they were having). 

Hope you're having a good week so far!



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