Back to School.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I can't believe we're almost in August. Time has just flown by! 

August is a busy month for us, Gustavo is starting Pre-School again, Gus turns 30, I think about half of our families have birthdays as well!  

This weekend we got a head start and completed ALL of our back to school shopping. Yes, all of it! Call me cray cray but Miami is a large city with, A LOT of people and A LOT of traffic. And yes, I hate traffic and I can't even bare the thought of the uniform store a couple weeks before school starts. I am sure it gets so incredibly packed, you can't even walk in because in typical Miami fashion everyone waits until the last minute to buy everything for back to school. 
Not this mama!!

Gustavo got accepted into a Catholic School for this upcoming school year -- which we are thankful for! Well we bought uniforms and Gustavo tried them all on! He was such a sweetie! He was so excited to try everything on!

My mom used to get all the Pottery Barn catalogs delivered to our house, growing up and I always LOVED all the book-bags they had but I was already too old for them, at the time. Sad day. I always told myself I would get those for my kids.

So Saturday we took a trip to Pottery Barn Kids and let him pick out his first big boy book-bag( although he is only going to Pre-K 3 ). At his prior preschool they didn't use book-bags -- they just had a tote sitting in their cubby with an extra change of clothes and it got replaced when needed. 

He was sooo excited!! He loved looking around (and touching, sigh)! Thank God PBK is semi-toddler friendly! And when I say toddler friendly I mean have things in the store that will keep your toddler occupied while you stand in the checkout line and don't have items at toddler eye level that they will completely destroy. 

 Of course, he picked out the Marvel Avengers print book-bag and we got him the matching lunchbox! (We had to take advantage of the back to School sale they were having). 

Hope you're having a good week so far!



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