Friday Favorites

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Friday Friends and happy first day of the long weekend celebrating America!!

I'm back today with Friday Favorites with Andrea and the girls!!

ONE. It's been a tough week for us...getting back from nice relaxing weekend. Thankfully it was short one. Earlier this week I re-capped our adult getaway to Hutchinson Island. In case, you missed it you can find the post here

Also, I am wayyy late in the game reading this book but it's sooooo funny!! Totally recommend it, if by any chance you haven't read it! 

TWO.  My mom came in town and stayed with the kiddos and she stayed a few extra days after we got back. She left Wednesday morning but the littles are missing her like crazy. Olivia keeps asking "Where'd Abu went?" 

THREE. Avocado Toast with an egg on top is my new favorite breakfast. It has so many vitamins, lots of protein and not to mention good fats. It's been on repeat. 

FOUR. I've been trying to eat more salads again this week and substituting carbs at dinner time with veggies. I made this salad for lunch yesterday. (I won't tell you how many coconut-chocolate cookies I just ate as I'm writing this ;)--the struggle is real. 

FIVE. Gustavo starts swimming lessons next week...kind of a mix of emotions. I'm excited slash scared for him because he is currently pretty terrified of the pool. The ocean he loves but the pool is a totally different ball game. Keep us in our prayers--as I won't be allowed to go near the pool area while he is in class. 

My mom took them for ice cream while she was here and oh boy...this guy ordered chocolate chip ice cream with gummy bears and m&m's. talk about sugar overload. But hey, that's what grandma's are for right?

SIX. Last week I linked-up my style post with the girls at The Creative Closet and this week I was the featured blogger! It was so sweet of Jana! Thanks for having me Jana!! You can click here for the feature! Scroll down to the bottom and there I am! 

SEVEN. I am loving this watermelon romper I found for O. a Walmart find---score. Ummm it's definitely on repeat. She loves it and so do I. so it's a win, win. We all know dressing a two year old always involves a battle and tears- either on her end or mine. 

EIGHT. I posted a little last minute holiday momma and mini style inspiration,  yesterday!! The kids and I had so much fun with this! The full post is here.

Hope you have a great long weekend with your families!! 




  1. I'm so behind on books too - It is on my list! - Have a great weekend!

  2. I just love Real Simple magazine! And that is a great breakfast idea! Love this list. - Seri from


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