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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Today, I am revealing my favorite beauty picks! I tend to mix beauty products...I use some nicer ones from department stores and other grocery store products. The ones I have from the grocery store are all products that I love and have used for years, like the Revlon, Nearly Naked foundation. 

You can click the product directly below and it will take you directly to the link! --totally excited about this, by the way~ ;) 

The Laura Mercier eye primer is a total game changer that allows your eye makeup to last all day with no smudge. This may be one of my, "I can't live without products".

The Clinique Bronzer is one my faves as well! I have been using it for years. and never get tired of it. It gives just the right about of "bronze look without making you look orange.

The Sugar lip balm is amazing to keep your lips hydrated!! I loooooove the way it makes my lips feel!! And I love the different color options that are available. 

The Nars Blush I use in "orgasm" color gives just the right amount of pink on your cheeks. 

The Revlon Colorburst Matte is a new fave. It's a quick lip balm with just the right amount of color!! And with a grocery store price it's even better! 

I have used Revlon foundation for years. The Color Stay and the Nearly Naked are both great options! The Color Stay lasts a little longer and Nearly Naked is great for lighter coverage. 

And my all time "go to" Essie color is Ballet slippers. This is the color I've been using on all my style posts lately. It looks clean, it's classic and is versatile. Couldn't be more perfect!!



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