Five on Friday...

Friday, January 30, 2015

Well this has been a pretty exhausting last couple days...little Gus has been home from school since he was feeling a little over the weather. I figured it would be best to keep him home since the sniffles are going around his class anyways. 

And he hasn't been sleeping well this week....I'm seriously hoping this trend isn't here to stay. because this lady right here doesn't function well without her sleep.

 Okay, so I haven't done a five on Friday in some time now but here we go...

I know I am not the only one jumping up and down with excitement that Friday has FINALLY come!!!! 

one || I'm totally in love with this mirror. it's from Target. I can't decide if it would go in our bedroom or in a more common area. but i'm feeling that i'm going to pull the trigger sometime in the near future. 

two || Gus' personality is flourishing more everyday. Once they turn three that have a lot more to say than in the two's. It's a good and bad thing. I love being able to carry on a conversation with him. And that he completely understands everything I am saying to him. It's wonderful. 

But then he wants to talk. all. day. long. I think he's going to be a talker ;) Bless his heart. I love him. 

Him and Olivia are the best of friends right now. Having them so close together (16 months apart) has been tough but I am so glad they have each other. They really are like almost twins. I actually get asked that all the time. 

three || A couple weekends ago my brother in law was in town and brought a friend of his along who happens to be a photographer. He snapped this picture of Olivia and my father in law in the pool area of there building that overlooks the bay. Such a great photograph!! 

four || Yesterday, since we had nowhere to be before 9am, like we do every other day of the week, I had some extra minutes (also rare) to play around with my hair. Tried parting it differently and not flat ironing it. I was pretty pleased with the results. 

Although, I'm pretty sure this only worked because it has been cooler down here this week. When the humidity kicks back in...yea. that will be a different story.

five || Taking Olivia's bottle away has been such a success!! Tomorrow it's a week without a single bottle. Such. A. Relief. I was really starting to get worried about her teeth growing in correctly. She will be two in March. So after having a bottle for almost two was really starting to effect her teeth. 

These tommee tippee sippy cups have been a lifesaver. totally recommend them because the part the drink out of isn't hard (which she hated....tried multiple different cups), it;s soft but not soft enough to the point where she can bite through it. 

Hope you have a great weekend!! 




  1. LOVE that mirror. It would have been perfect for Maddox's nursery! Also, it's adorable that your kiddo's are the best of friends. That's why my husband and I want to have our kids close in age so they can grow up together and have a special bond :) So sweet!

  2. I hope Gus starts to feel better. It is so heartbreaking when the little ones are sick.. I hope you have a great weekend. Found you on the Link-Up
    Chelsea @

  3. Great picture of Olivia and your FIL. Hope little Gus is starting to feel better. -SANDRA

  4. Love that mirror!! And your hair looks awesome!! It's always such an adjustment whenever I try to change my part, but it looks wonderful on you!!


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