PSA: Kate Spade Baby Bag SALE Alert

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Friday Gals!! Another week has come and gone and I am so excited this weekend has finally come! We have very little on our agenda and it's a long weekend so that's a plus.

 I just wanted to come on here and let you know that Kate Spade has several Baby bags on SALE (Including one that's very similar to the one I have) so if you're expecting, need an upgrade or even of you're not a mom and want a carryall tote---(because that's exactly what mine looks like), now is the time to pull the trigger!!! 

I love that all three of these bags are nylon and can be simply wiped down. There's nothing worse than a cloth/ canvas diaper bag. I've learned the hard way, they get dirty very quickly. It's not pleasant.  And these don't look like diaper bags. They simply just look like a purse or carry all tote! 

Girls this one is very similar to mine but it looks a tad smaller than mine and it has more pockets which I actually like better. And leopard is a great neutral. I wear it with everything!! And the best part---it's 60% off!!!!!! you can't beat it!!! 

Who doesn't love polka dots??? This one is around 40% off!!! Again, another neutral, goes with everything, perfect! 

This beautiful classic is also 40% off!!! 

I'm done rambling about how much I love these baby bags. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones!



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