Christmas Card Reveal 2014 + Our weekend in photos

Monday, December 15, 2014

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!! With the holidays so close, I know there's so much going on!! We did lots of family time this weekend with lots of Christmas festivities. Now that Gus is 3...he gets everything so the holidays are so much more fun!!! Here is a summary of our weekend in photos...

Gus and I were NOT planning on getting in on this Santa photo but the kids were very unexpectedly thrilled about meeting him and we just HAD to ;). They are both terrified of all life size characters so this was huge for us! 

Thank you Target for your wonderful Gingerbread house kits....It was $9.99 and a total hit!! They both LOVED decorating it!! Well, more Gus than Olivia. All Olivia wanted was to eat the candy! haha . Guessing we starting a new tradition this year of Gingerbread house making!!!! 

I also revealed our Christmas card  Friday on Instagram, which I was really excited about!! This is the first year that Gus and I get in the picture. And let me just tell you i was sooooo happy with the way they turned out this year. So that being said I am linking up with Brettni and some other fabulous ladies for a Christmas Card Link-Up! Thank you so much for hosting girls!!! 

I absolutely love sending these out to our family and friends and i love receiving them just as much!! I have family and friends all over the U.S. that I don't really get to see very often so seeing everyone's photos in the mail is soooo fun!!! 




  1. You are such an adorable family. Olivia's jacket is so cute! Have a great Holiday Elda! xo (Love your christmas cards!)

  2. What a fun Christmas filled weekend! Your children are adorable and the gingerbread house looks great! Your Christmas card looks great! What a great photo!!

    Thank you so much for joining our link-up!!

  3. We haven't tackled Gingerbread houses is a while. I'm just no good at getting the walls to stay standing...

    I REALLY LOVE you family's Christmas Card! So glad you joined our linkup!

  4. oh my gosh, I am IN LOVE with your Christmas card! I'm definitely going to have to borrow that idea! We did a gingerbread house last week and my two were the same way - my three year old was all about decorating and my one year old just snuck candy! :)

    Thanks so much for linking up!!

  5. your card is so adorable!!! & their santa picture couldnt have gotten any more perfect!! stopping over from the link up!!

  6. I love your card! The glitter shows up great! Also great job on the gingerbread houses!!! I'm impressed! Hope you have a great last week before Christmas!


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