Gus turns Three + Thanksgiving

Monday, December 1, 2014

The craziness of the holidays had definatley hit us!

Gus turned three last Saturday. I can't believe he's three. This last year he has changed so much. His language has developed incredibly! He went from saying a few words to expressing himself in almost complete sentences. He is such a sweet boy with such a kind heart. And although he is 95th percentile for height and weight, his baby cheeks are still hanging in there and this momma isn't complaining! His cheeks are the softest cheeks in the world. 

My parents flew in town for the weekend and it was soo nice to have them in town! My mom had been planning on being here---she hasnt missed a single birthday party for either one of my children and my dad, well, he was a little sneaky this time! heheh! My mom flew in Friday night and my dad flew in early Saturday morning and surprised us! totally caught everyone off guard! but it was such a nice surprise and Gus felt so special he was able to have both sets of his grandparents with him on his birthday! 

We had a birthday party for him on Saturday. Cars themed of course, at a children's gym similar to Gymboree and let me tell you he had a blast. Every child that joined us had a blast. From the second they stepped onto that gym floor to the second they stepped off of it, each and every child had a huge smile on their face, regardless of their age. The point being---it was worth every penny!! 

This birthday was special. He actually understood that it was his birthday and enjoyed it all. He knew that everyone was there to celebrate him and it was so fun seeing his reactions to everything!!! 

So my parents left and then the kids got fantastic right before Thanksgiving right?! well it wasn't anything major...ha yeah right. I wish! Gus had a double ear infection and Olivia a mild case of bronchitis...and they are still recovering but doing so much better!!! 

And then there was Thanksgiving!!! We ate and ate and ate! My sister in law hosted at her house! It was so much fun and everything turned out beautiful!! 

 How was your Thanksgiving?!?! 
Hoping it was just as great as ours!!! 



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