Sunday, June 8, 2014

I feel so bad I put my little blog and fabulous readers on the back burner, unintentionally :(. The past couple weeks have just been a whirlwind! First, Little Gus came down with hand, foot, mouth so he was out of school for a week! It sounds really gross but its really not as bad as it sounds. It's a virus really common in young children where they get low grade fevers and a bumpy rash on the palms of their hands, the bottoms of their feet and inside their mouths. Poor little guy was such a trooper! He was desperate to get out of the house but since it is highly contagious we were pretty much stuck here. A couple days later he started up with high fevers and was diagnosed with an ear infection. (This was Memorial day weekend)

On Memorial Day, right in the middle of our cabin fever, the hubs started getting bumps on his hands and feet and sure enough he got hand, foot, mouth--very rare for an adult to get it from child. So my husband was home for the whole week with hand, foot, mouth. Then, Tuesday Olivia started with a runny nose and fussiness so back to the pediatrician we went. You can imagine what a thrill this was to be back at the peditrician. Sure enough, she had a DOUBLE ear infection. I don't think I had ever had my entire family sick at one time. 

The best part is that we had a road trip planned to  Atlanta for a friend of mine's wedding that  Thursday night. Fabulous timing, huh?? All of these sickies didnt stop us. Everyone was on antibiotics--but me. so packed up the car and headed to Atlanta. I was so excited for the wedding  and of  course so excited to spend time with my parents!! 

We get to Atlanta and I came down with a cold. Gus and I still went to the wedding which was absolutley beautiful!! I am so happy for the newly-weds! It was so nice to see old high school friends I hadn't seen in a long time! Gus and I had such a blast!!

Sunday rolled around and I was in pretty bad shape. I could hardly talk and my ear was killing me! So I went to my old doctor's office and I was diagnosed with a double ear infection and I ruptured my right ear drum!! yeah ouch! It hurt so bad! 

Thank goodness I was in Atlanta and although Gus had to fly back to Miami Sunday night, I had my parents and sister there to help me with kiddos! I am thankful for them! I quickly started feeling more like myself and joining my sister, parents and kiddos in on all the fun! 

We had a blast this past week in Atlanta! The kids soaked up their grandparents and vice versa! 

My mom is a pre-school teacher and she had a summer camp this week so Gus went to summer camp with her and just had a blast!! I would go pick him up early and he refused to leave with me!! I didnt complain! 

We spent some quality time with my parents and they got to spend some quality time with the kids. I think we may just have to make this a summer tradition from now on!!

Gus flew back to Atlanta to pick us up friday night and we spent our last day there doing family stuff!! We don't have Bruster's in Miami, (my favorite ice cream place) so I introduced the kids to it and it was a hit! They have these mini baby cones they give little ones and they LOVED them!! Olivia got it in vanilla with a face on it everytime we went and since Gus is a little older I let him try the cotton candy explosion with sprinkles (Cotton candy flavored ice cream with pop rocks in it)...yeah...that wasn't a great idea after he was bouncing off the walls hahah! Oh well! 

We drove back last night and got here early this morning so today we spent it unpacking, organizing and catching up on sleep! of course it wouldn't be complete without a couple toddler meltdowns, ha ! 

Be sure to keep a look out this week on the blog, I have some exciting stuff coming this week!!


  1. Girlfriend!!! This sounds so hectic!!! Glad everyone is feeling better! Xo

  2. Sorry to hear all about the sickness! Yuck!! Glad to see you guys are on the mend. :)

  3. So glad to hear your little guy is doing better!! Well deserved break is needed for you!! Glad you're back!!

  4. Welcome back!!!!! Sounds so stressful for your family!! Glad everyone is on the mend now! :)


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