Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We had a wonderful weekend! Hope you did as well! We kicked it off Friday with Storytime at the library and the kiddos picked out some new books! The toddler storytime program is amazing! G and O I love that I have been implementing this into our weekly activities.

With technology everywhere, I think it's important, now more than ever to teach my little ones to have a love for books and reading. 

Friday night we headed to dinner with some of Gus' extended family that was in town and we spent the weekend at my in-laws --they live at the beach. So it's always a nice "getaway" or change of scenery. 

Saturday, we took advantage that we had a couple extra set of hands and Gus and I went on a run on the boardwalk. It was sooo nice! 

We ran some errands with my in-laws and all four grandchildren--that was fun!

Saturday night Gus and I escaped for a date night. gotta take advantage when you have someone to watch the kids. 

Sunday we slept in and were lazy all day--with the exception of taking all the cousins to the splash pad to get some energy out and then came back home!

Monday morning was rough for us. Everyone was overly tired and overly cranky. But hey, we survived!

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday! 




  1. We love the library as well! Especially love the free children programs and activities.

  2. Yay, for weekend date nights! Sounds like it was a relaxing weekend :)


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