Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy Monday!! We are running extra slow today...like most Mondays. Who am i kidding?
Our weekend started off with a family pizza and ice cream date. Just the four of us. It was pretty nice. 

Pizza was great. Can't beat Ricotta and Meatballs on a pizza. 

Then came the ice cream.  First Olivia requests pink ice cream. So she tried the Strawberry. She said "nope"-- As in thats not what i want. Then she proceeded to try every other pink ice cream or sherbert Haagen Dazs had. She didn't like any of them so we ordered her Strawberry. And that's what she got. 

Then it was Gustavo's turn to order...he asked for chocolate but was pointing at the Rocky Road which has a variety of alternative ingredients that aren't toddler friendly, like peanuts. Well, he ended up trying every other chocolate flavor they had. And finally still insisted on the rocky road, we let him tried it and he wanted the "special, new chocolate". So that's what he got. 

The girl serving our ice cream was the sweetest and soooo patient. 

Yes, Olivia wore a tutu to dinner and ice cream. 

We were THAT family. I wanted to be an ant on the wall. 

Saturday, we celebrated Gus' birthday with some of our closest friends. We had a blast! 

He requested he wanted to go Latin dancing...

It was a pretty successful adult birthday party! We danced the night away with some pretty fab birthday hats!!

And Sunday we recuperated! Lots of family napping and pool time was involved. 

Potty training is still going great! Olivia is catching on like magic! 

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!! 



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