Five On Friday {Volume LOVE} + 11 months

Friday, February 14, 2014

{one} Happy Valentine's Day!! Today is the day we honor everyone we love and the love we have for them. Our signifiant others, family and friends. Love is patient and kind. Love is giving, sacrifice, happy. Love is something that can't be explained. It is also the feeling you feel when you have done a good deed for someone else. My husband represents all of that. I am so glad we ran into each other's lives

{two} My husband and I don't usually exchange gifts for valentine's day.He will usually bring flowers home or a little something sentimental but this year we did and let me just say he did pretty good! Starting with the bouquet of red and pink cake pops he ordered for me to replace the normal flower thoughtful! Let's just say I was so surprised! And I absolutely loved them! {brownie points for the hubs}

{three} As part of the Mr's little gift this year I ordered him a cookie set from The Baked Equation....ummmm they are AMAZING! He absolutely loved them! Typically when you get beautiful cookies they really don't taste that great but these are beautiful AND taste delicious. I had never ordered from her before but  I am so glad I did. I think I will be ordering for every holiday from now on.

{four} Our little lady is 11 months old today!!! what?!?! yes. 11 months. Next month I will have a 1 year old and a 2 1/2 old. She is climbing everywhere, standing up on her own, taking steps with help (yayyy!!), pointing at things she wants, you name it she's doing it.

{five} In honor of celebrating love-- this is a picture of my parents wedding day---25 years ago!

Cheers to love and happiness!!
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. These pictures are great - especially the one of your parents - your mom looked like a queen :) and yummmmm cake pops! hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hey girlie!! Just found your blog through the linkup, and you are such a DOLL!! LOVE reading your sweet, sweet words of affirmation towards your hubby! So excited to be following along on GFC! Looking forward to reading along! :)

    1. You are so sweet! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  3. Those cookies are so pretty!! And your little one is so cute, sounds like you may have your hands full, but I'm sure it's a blessing. Happy Monday!
    Eat Drink & Be Mary

    1. Thank you so much!! Yes, I do have my hands very full but it is such a blessing to have two healthy toddlers! My husband and I are so blessed! I hope you have a great week!

  4. Elda!! Your hubby did well with the cake pops!!! And your little cutie seems way too sweet!! So excited to be following your blog :) :) xo


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