A new Adventure : The LIlac Lemon

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I love to craft, I probably dont share as many crafty things on here as I would have hoped to but I really love making things! It's such a stress reliever for me...it helps me unwind and gives me a mental break from dealing with toddlers...(The last couple days have been especially difficult) 

So that being said...I opened up an ETSY shop last week....yep. Just. like. that. 

 Most of the wreaths are personalized and can be customized pretty much in any shape or form. You can check them out here !! 

I'm so excited for this adventure and to be able to release some of my imagination and creativity! 

AND it's open just in time for the holidays! I've been busy working some fab ideas up for Christmas!! 

On another note...I haven't spoken about potty training on here in awhile. Gus started doing really well once we transitioned him over from pull-ups to regular underwear at school. His teacher suggested it because she thought he just wasn't letting us know he needed to use the restroom because he knew he could just go in the pull-up...and sure enough that was the issue. 

We've come to the conclusion that he's just too smart for his own good. He was rarely having accidents at school until we came from Atlanta and that just changed the ball game completley. He started having poopy accidents. And well lets just say we're still working on it. 

I can take him out in public in underwear and he will be fine...as long as i keep reminding him that he needs to use the potty. 

It never crossed my mind that potty training was going to be this hard. Rumor it's is much more difficult with boys than it is with girls. lets just keep our fingers crossed on this one ;)



  1. Congrats on your new store!! Very exciting!

  2. Love the name of your new store. I think potty training varies between kids as much as it does girls and boys. It could be a whole new ball game with number 2! Hugs for your rough day mama! We all have them and they can be so overwhelming when you have no where to hide. ha!

  3. Congrats on starting your etsy!! That's so exciting! I think you'll love having it!
    Oh potty training... I'm dreading the day we start with Mia. (she's totally not interested now so I'm thinking it will be awhile...)


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