Five Fabulous One-Piece Swimsuits for the {Modern Mom}

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

As I had mentioned before, I am going through this phase trying to decide if I should wear a one-piece swimsuit this year. I am in search of a cute, fashionable suit to try that won't make me look like an old lady. After all I am 24 years old and don't want to look as if i'm 50. I just want something cute that I won't have to worry about something falling out while i'm playing and handling the little ones at the beach.


These were my favorite five suits that I came across. I love #1...I'm going through a black and white phase right now! #2 I had already talked about in a previous post. #3 I love the ruffles however, white with little ones is dangerous at the beach! #4 from Anthropologie is just so fun! It's a Nanette Lepore... Of course! I love the color but the style is still classic, which I love! 5 is a Sea Folly suit and like 4 a bit more pricey. I am obsessing over the floral print and love the modern but I am not sure I could pull the shorts off!

I think I am still leaning towards number 2 from Asos. Because it's still fun!! (i love ruffles) and the color is will cover any stains from food off of the little ones haha. When I am with them I always plan to get almost as dirty as they do. 

What are your thoughts on these suits?


  1. I would most definitely pick #4 and I'm not a mom lol!! These are all great!

  2. It used to be so hard to find cute one piece swimsuits. I feel like it's getting a lot easier now though and I'm so glad. After having a kid your body changes and that's just a sacrifice you pay. I still want to look cute but just be more covered.


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