Olivia is {ONE}

Friday, March 14, 2014

Today our sweet little girl turns ONE!!
I still can't believe I have a daughter! Her smile with her four little teeth just light up the room. We have seen her personality flourish since the day she was born. She isn't going to let anyone have their way with her when she gets older...that's for sure!

Yesterday, I caught her standing up using the little Gus'chalkboard and she was drawing on the chalkboard with a piece of chalk! What?! I'm not bragging or anything but I think this proves that girls may be a little more advanced than boys ;)!! It may also have to do with the fact that she's the second child and tries to copy everything her  big brother does!

Weight: 25 pounds

Favorite food: pretty much anything

How many teeth: 4

Favorite book: brown bear, brown bear what do you see?

Favorite things: 
crawling races up the staircase with my big brother,
read books, 
when my daddy comes home from work, 
my purple talking teddy, 
stacking blocks, throwing all the pillows off the couch

I can walk holding someone's hand but I'm still scared to venture out on my own!

And you can't have a first birthday without a milestone, right? Well, this morning while I was getting ready Miss Olivia discovered the toilet water and decided it would be fun to stick her hand in the toilet bowl and play!! yayyy for milestones!! I just about had a heart attack! I sanitized her hand and arm about 10 times! haha

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! 
We definatley will!! We will be celebrating the first year of life of our little princess!!

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