Baby Files// Olivia is 10 months!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our little princess is 10 months today! 

She finally has 4 teeth coming in at the same time!!!! Yipeeee! Her sweet smile has some pearly whites in it now! We are so excited but poor girl seems to be a little uncomfortable lately. :(

She is crawling like a pro these days and can stand up on her own using support from a table or chair. She is eating pretty much anything she can get her hands on! She loves to ride on her big brother's mickey mouse car and has figured out how to ride it on her own. It's so funny how she moves her little feet to make the car go!

She loves music and singing just like her big brother! 

We have also transitioned her off of her formula successfully!!! Which means she is not lactose intolerant!! Thank goodness! Since she had such a severe sensitivity as a younger baby we were really concerned her little tummy would not be able to handle normal milk. We are so relieved!


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  1. OMG...she is just too precious for words! How adorable. You have a beautiful daughter. I understand about the milk thing. None of my children, including myself or my husband, can have milk. My son drinks goats milk. But I have been thinking about trying coconut milk since he seems to love that in his food...I thought maybe trying it alone and see if he likes it too.
    And her headband is too cute BTW


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