Five on FRIDAY {sickies, smoothies + pink lips}

Friday, April 18, 2014

All I can say this week is THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY !! It's been a long week!

Well let's get this Friday party started...Shall we ladies?! Hope you have a cocktail in your hand...well or a cup of coffee because it's a tad early for a cocktail! 


We have been to the doctor's office three times this week. Poor Olivia has got some sort of virus that the pediatricians cant seem to get their hands on. The poor thing had diarrhea (sorry TMI?) and a rash then fevers came shortly after and the diarrhea continued. We are still waiting for lab reports to come back to see if they can tell us what she's had.

We have had a full 24 hours without any messy diapers so I am really praying this virus has run it's course!

Dont worry, If we've seen you in the past week, I don't think it's contagious because no-one else in the house has gotten it.  So I think you're good!


Tuesday, I shared a yummy smoothie recipe that I love! It's so delish and very filling! I normally cant even finish half of a serving! You can click here to check it out!


 I had every intention of linking up for the Easter basket blog hop today but that totally did not happen. Gus had his Easter party at school today and since EVERYTHING in Miami is last minute (if you didn't know, I'm a total type A and don't do well with last minute), I was still coordinating the party with the parents it was impossible to get ahold of. (BTW- I'm the new room mom for month and a half there is left of school.) Moral of the story: If the room mom for your child calls you to ask you to bring something in for a class event please at least call them back! 

Back to the Easter Baskets...I found the cutest Easter eggs at the Dollar store last week and just had to snatch them up for Olivia's Easter basket! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw them! I think I may have to hoard these for next year...she'll have no idea!


In the next couple months I have few exciting things coming to the blog which I am really excited about! Good things are happening and I am sooo thrilled!! Can't wait to share!! But for now my lips are sealed!


I finally found a shade of bright lipstick that works well with my skin tone---I've been at this for awhile now! Red's just don't quite work, neither do oranges but the Pinks...oh la la...I was in love! I got this Sephora lipstick in "Call Girl" and I'm loving it! However, now I'm on the hunt for a toned down version! a lighter shade of a pink...Call girl is a bit purpley...maybe something more light pinky. 

Do you have any favorite shades of pink lipstick? Would love any recommendations!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend with your loved ones and a Happy Easter!


  1. So sorry to hear Olivia wasn't feeling well - but happy she's on the mend!! I second, TGIF - it has been quite the week!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sorry to hear of Olivia's sickness! I hope she is on the mend! Love that lipstick shade! Looks so fun and summery!

  3. smoothies are my fave! yum. so sorry to hear she isn't feeling well, hope she is all better soon!

  4. Poor Olivia :( :( I hope your sweet mini starts to feel better!!

  5. yum i could totally go for a smoothie! i hope your daughter feels better. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. oh man that is a rough bout of sickness there, I hope she is feeling so much better now or soon.

  7. I hope your daughter is feeling better, it's awful having a sick kiddo. I love smoothies and need to check your recipe out.

    Have a great weekend!


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