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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'm back today with some DIY heart crayon valentine's I made with the kiddos earlier this week, for his preschool class. 

I really love Valentine's day because there is soooo much pink involved. However, for a little boy, it tends to be a little more difficult to find "cute" valentine ideas without getting tooo girly. 

So I got this idea from a blogging friend, Chrissy, she did it with her little girl and I loved it! I think mainly because it is pretty gender neutral and I became another activity for us to do. You can never have too many activities for toddlers. Gotta keep them busy ;). 

heart shaped silicone mold (local craft store, Wilton brand) 
treat bags
Printable (found here)

Remove the wrappers off the crayons and break the crayons into small pieces so they fit inside the mold. I did this while the little ones were napping because I didnt want them to get any ideas. Everything they see, they do. I didnt want them breaking the crayons we have here at home. 

Fill the molds with several colors of crayons--the littles loved this part!! Then pop them in the oven for about 10-15 minutes at 250 degrees. 

When you take them out they will look like this and they will be melted into liquid. Let them sit on the counter until they are completely cooled down and have hardened. They should just pop out. 

I found this FREE printable here...I'm not that talented to design the printable. I wish!! I sent them to Staples to print on cardstock. Attached the crayon hearts to the printables...

I put the completed Valentine's in little treat bags, I found at Micheals and they're ready to go!! 

Gus was soooo excited when he saw how they turned out and he's thrilled to had these out to his classmates during their Valentine's Day party! 



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  1. Love how they turned out!! So cute! I hope you guys have a good Valentine's Day!!


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