Show and Tell Tuesday: Momfessionals

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Today, I figured I would try something new and link up with Andrea, for Show and Tell Tuesday and share some "Momfessional Moments" otherwise known as little things we want (or don't want )to confess that we do as a mom. This is going to be good ;)

Disclaimer: I love my kids. I love spending time with them and I love being a stay at home mom. They are my world but every mom has a few secrets ;)

 I have a one piece of candy a day rule for the kids, if that. The days they have a sweet snack they don't have candy. I strictly limit their sugar intake, due to their unlimited amounts of energy. After bed time I may or may not go through all of their Halloween, Valentines day, Easter Candy ---Whatever the closest holiday was. you get the picture. Gus usually joins me so I really don't feel that bad.

 I always water Gus and Olivia's juice down. Again, way too much sugar. they have no idea. 

Getting Ready
Every morning before getting Gus Jr. to school I get the kids ready bring them downstairs and serve them their breakfast and put them in front of the TV for "morning cartoons" while I go hide out in my room and "finish getting ready". Some days that means but enough makeup on to look somewhat normal. Other days it means sit down and breath and close your eyes in the peace and quiet for 15 minutes because it's already been a rough morning. 

I hate bath-time. mainly because they always somehow manage to get me wet. always. it never fails. They're toddlers. They think splashing is the greatest thing ever. It is also during witching hour--usually late afternoon usually right around dinner until bedtime where the kids go crazy and super dooper hyper. If Gus is home in time to bathe the kiddos then I normally have him help me get the bath "started" and take my time to get Olivia's milk downstairs. By the time I get back up they're nice and ready to be dried and put in their pj's....I think he has already caught on. 

I'd love to know what your "Momfessional Moments" are!!

Update on Dad: Thank you for all of your continued prayers!! Dad had developed a low grade fever over the weekend so the doctor is running some tests to see the origin of the fevers. They have finally started him on a solid diet after almost a week of liquids and IV only. Hopefully, he will be home in a couple short days! 
Keep the prayers coming!! We really appreciate it!! 




  1. I hate when husbands catch on to our stalling tactics :)

  2. These crack me up! I feel like i could have written this. I hate bath time as well!


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