Mother's Day + Prayers

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy late Mother's Day to all the wonderful mama's out there! We spent our Mother's Day weekend in Orlando with my Sister in law and her two kiddos. 

We visited Mickey and Minnie Saturday--that was long and exhausting but we had a blast! I dont know how people do Disney World for a whole week. I'm still getting over one single day at Magic Kingdom. 

Sunday we had a quick Mother's Day brunch and headed back to Miami and relaxed the rest of the day. it was perfection. well close to it. 

One thing motherhood has taught me is that nothing will ever be perfect or go as planned. And that's why sometimes you just have to go with the flow---that's one of the hardest things for me. I'm a planner. 

You need an extra dose of patience for everything and lots and lots of caffeine. LOTS. oh and wine. I've learned to multitask to the extreme sometimes doing 3 things at once. 

But that's why I try to savor every moment that matters when your little ones are young. These moments only come once. And come and go so quick. 

It really is also one of the most sacrificing, yet rewarding things a woman will ever experience in life. 

Real quick before I close up for today...Please keep my family in your prayers. My dad is going in for a hopefully simple procedure Thursday. Please pray that everything goes smoothly without any complications. I am confident everything will turn out fine and God has a plan for everything. 



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