Mommy's Day Gift Guide || 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

I love gift giving! I think it's most definitely my love language. sometimes though, you kind of sort of run into gift giving rut and you feel like you cant repeat gifts....that happens to me all the time. Which is why I love putting mini gift guides together for holidays. Not only do I help myself but I help you, too!! 

Here is a quick little gift guide I put together! About half of these items are small business items meaning they all made or designed by moms, which I absolutely love!!!

Some of these are on my own current wish list!! 

Like ummm... the tassel bracelet stack (how perfect are those bracelets?!) or the mom buns and extra shot latte's tee----yeah I needed that one like yesterday! or the Jesus, Coffee and Naptime tee for my million cups of coffee. 

hope you found this helpful!!! 



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