I Survived #lillyfortarget

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

So let's just talk about all of this Lilly Pulitzer craziness. I did expect it to be this insane. I have been a lilly fan since high school but since I now live in Miami where it isn't very popular, I didn't think much of it. And I surely did not think I would be waiting outside the store. 

I had mentioned to my husband I was going to be at Target early Sunday morning, maybe 30 min before the store opened, just to be sure I got first dibs on the items I was really looking for. I ended getting there at about 7;15am and was about the 10th person in line. and slowly the line started getting longer as it got closer to 8am. I was surprised there were girls there before me!!!! 

Where did all these lilly fans come from?!

Let me just say this is pretty huge for me...I am not exactly a black Friday kinda girl who likes to brave the crowds for a good deal. This girl is not a fan crowds. 

The doors opened and women were dumping muliple of the same items in their shopping carts to the point where their carts were overflowing with merchandise... Miami I guess you proved me wrong. Lilly is more popular here than i thought. That or there are a significant amount of people who wanted to take advantage of the situation and make a few bucks, reselling. 

Long story short I was able to snag a few items for Olivia and I...I'm happy I was at least able to score a couple things that I was eyeing. 

These are all of the items I ended up with...A few items I scored from friends or family out of state that changed their mind about them after they bought them and I gladly took them off their hands ;) 

Did you brave all this Lilly craziness?! Were you able to get a hold of any of your favorite pieces?! 

If you're still on the lookout for some items and you dont want to pay a ridiculous amount for them, keep checking your local Target because people are returning items, so there is still hope!!! 

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