Baby Files// Olivia is 8 Months Old!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our little Livey is 8 months old already! I'm thinking time just needs to slow down a little bit. This has a been a month of a lot of firsts for Olivia.

oopsss someone got stuck underneath her bouncer.
She has become quite the little firecracker, haha. She started crawling this month, which means she is getting into EVERYTHING! She claps now and can eat a cracker on her own :) ! She can also hold her bottle on her own. Her favorite thing to do these days is to empty out all of the baby books from the entertainment center, making a beautiful mess! But hey, I will take whatever will keep her entertained for a few minutes. She also started sitting up by herself from laying down so we lowered her crib completely. (We don't want any accidents)

Her teeth-less smile just lights up the room. Yes. Still no teeth. Should I be concerned? She may not have teeth but she can eat cooked carrots and small pieces of chicken. She is starting to boycott baby food and wants what the rest of the family is eating.

I have been so blessed to marry into a wonderful and very supportive family. As many of you may know my family is in Atlanta. However, when we got married and I moved down here, my husband's family welcomed me with open arms and have taken me in as if I were a daughter of their own. The other day my Mother-in-Law called me because she was at IKEA and she picked these fabulous bibs up for the babies. (I just wish they came in girly colors.)

Ikea KLADD Bib

Ummm let me just say they one of the best things ever invented. I'm in love with them. They are great for eating (at any age) or crafts and save a lot of time from trying to get stains out of kids clothes.

Olivia eating/modeling her new KLADD Bib

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