Can you believe its November already?! & Halloween Re-Cap

Monday, November 4, 2013

First, I want to give everyone a little Halloween re-cap of my precious Mickey and Minnie last week. I know I'm a little behind but I just can't not share these pictures :) Yes, I'm a proud momma!

This was Olivia's first Halloween and Little Gus' first Halloween that he knew what was going on. Although, we are not big fans of "celebrating" Halloween with scary decorations and spooky costumes I really don't see any harm in dressing the kids up and letting them go trick-or-treating. Our little guy LOVED the idea that they put candy in his little candy bag if he said "trick-or-treat". The first store (we went trick-or-treating at the mall) we went to he immediately stuck his hand into his bag, whipped out the candy and asked for help to open it so he could eat it. He was so cute!

As you may be able to tell Mickey wasn't in the best of moods (hence the lack of mickey ears and nose) so I was not able to snap very good pictures of him so what you see is the best I got. 

You can see Mickey running around in the background haha...He wouldn't sit next to his sister so we could get a picture of them together. What are we going to do? We are well into his terrible twos. We have just have to make the best of it. 

Second, Can you believe it's November already? That means the holidays are officially HERE!! first born turns TWO at the end of the month! Time flies my friends...I'm cooking up an Elmo themed birthday party for my little guy. I've got so much to do so little time. We're going to be little busy bees on the blog this month! I've got several DIY's up my sleeve you don't want to miss out on that I'm really excited about!


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